Servitude is a trophy and/or achievement available in Dragon's Dogma.


"Soar unto a new world."

This ending is obtained upon being defeated by the Seneschal during the quest Final Judgment.

The floor of the rift-like Seneschal's Chamber opens below the dead Arisen and as they tumble to earth, they turn into a Great Dragon.



Arisen in the alternative life of Servitude.

  • This ending confirms the origin of Great Dragons (such as Grigori) as being created from Arisen who defeated a Great Dragon themselves, but failed at the final stage of the quest.
  • It is possible for the Arisen to use Godsbane to lose the fight. Doing so will also trigger the ending and trophy/achievement.
  • The game automatically creates a Checkpoint save prior to the event, hence the Arisen is able to retry after a short credits sequence and proceed with the game.
  • The cutscene showing the newborn Dragon is the same that's shown during the first quest The End at the Beginning.