Sheltered Assault is a skill available in Dragon's Dogma.


"An advanced form of Sheltered Spike that appends still more strikes to the onslaught while guarding from all directions but the rear."

Appends up to ten thrusting stabs to the frontal foe , whilst behind the shield's guard.

Notes and tactics

  • An advanced version of Sheltered Spike.
  • Damage is done with the primary weapon, the shield itself is not a factor in the damage done, or debilitations inflicted.
  • The user's block is held whilst using this skill - meaning attacks are deflected.
  • A fast multi-strike that is extremely useful for inflicting debilitations with Golden, Rusted or Aneled swords.
  • This may be the Fighter's best skill against most Dragons (except the Thunderwyvern, Ur-Dragon, and Grigori Dragon) due to its speed, frontal defense and low stamina consumption. Use Heavenward Lash against the Thunderwyvern.
  • Some pawns may have issues using the skill, employing it a too far a range, resulting in none of the strikes hitting - as the foe is undamaged the pawn will continue this behaviour, eventually depleting their stamina.