Mystic Knight Shield Counters (or "parrys") are offensive spells produced from specifically enchanted Magick Shields when a Perfect Block is performed. To activate the counter spell the core skill Reflect is also required.


Spell Type Duration of Enchant
Counters ~ 50 seconds
Ripostes ~ 1 min 50 seconds
Feints ~3 minutes

The Mystic Knight's Magick Shields can be used to block incoming attacks just like common Shields.  Said shields can be enchanted by the knight with one of the Five Archmagicks (using a a Counter, Riposte, or Feint spell) - when so enchanted blocking with the shield can cause some damage to the attacker - with a chance to trigger the secondary elemental effects - ie Burning, Frozen, Thundershock, Dark Critical Hits, and Holy healing.

Furthermore, Perfect Blocks performed with a magick shield will produce reflective shockwaves just as shields do. Once the Mystic Knight's core skill Reflect is learned, blocks and perfect blocks will do damage, in addition to the stagger or knockdown these blocks produced before.

When the shield is enchanted, and the core skill Reflect, a perfect block will conjure a return offensive spell. The damage from these spells is based upon the magick of the shield, as well as the Mystic Knight's magick attribute stat.


Element Enchant Effect of Perfect Block Notes


Firecounter Conjures Ingle like fireballs that can cause burning A single Ingle like fireball
Flame Riposte Three fireballs, similar to High Ingle
Inferno Feint Several fireballs, like Grand Ingle


Icecounter A blast of cold, akin to the release from a Frazil spell, that damages and may freeze Similar extent to the blast from Frazil
Frost Riposte A larger blast, similar to that from High Frazil
Blizzard Feint An even wider cone of cold


Thundercounter Casts Levin like bolts of lightning that may strike foes at distance, with strong knockdown, and a chance to thundershock A single bolt of lightning like the strike from Levin
Thunder Riposte Three lighning strikes, much like High Levin
Boltstorm Feint Many bolts of lightning, like Grand Levin


Holycounter Orbs of holy light are created, which advance slowly forward from the shield. Like all holy spells the orbs may heal the caster if they harm a foe.

Successive parries may extend the range of orbs, not produce new orbs

A single orb is produced
Blessed Riposte Three orbs
Hallowed Feint Five orbs, expanding outwards from the knight


Darkcounter Generates a blast of dark magick in front of the shield, with strong torporing properties, as well as a chance to inflict a critical hit Similar to frazil, but dark
Abyssal Riposte A larger cone of dark
Desecration Feint A wider arc of dark blast
Italics - Dark Arisen only, requires a special band or ring

Advanced Uses

All of the counters can be repeated in sequence without breaking or interrupting function; for example, if the Mystic Knight is countering a spell that has a duration that lasts longer than the counter, such as the Ur-Dragon's Holy Furor spell, repeating the counter can maintain the character's guard without letting any damage through. This requires precise timing.

The force from a Perfect Block will fire Great Cannon sigils, as will the elemental spells produced from a perfect blocked "parry" with the shield. This is particularly effective with a holy based riposte, as the slow moving orbs fire the cannon many, many times.

Both lightning-based and fire-based "parries" can strike foes at great distances, and thus are effective not only against bow users and spellcasters, but also ballista.


  • With a perfect block the Mystic Knight expends no stamina and takes no damage, futhermore when a spell counter is produced that also requires no stamina to cast.
  • Certain magick shields such as the Thunder Kite Shield carry a permanent magical enchantment. Such shields do not generate the Riposte spells that spell enchantment brings. The magic enhancement does, however, increase the power of any spell cast onto or with the shield.
  • An upgraded Rusted Magick Shield may inflict poison and torpor debilitations on enemies, including when foes are hit by the spell conjured by a perfectly blocked riposte.
  • Some Mystic Knight shield enchants such as counters and ripostes increase the time window in which a perfect block can be performed. 'Riposte' spells further improve the effect on 'Counter' spells, though the third tier spells (Dark Arisen only) do not ease blocking further.
  • Unfortunately, the Arisen is temporarily vulnerable to incoming attacks from the flank or rear while the Arisen is "frozen" in the Perfect Block riposte animation.
  • Perfect Blocked ripostes in combination with Great Cannon forms part of several strategies for defeating the Ur-Dragon -see also Ur-Dragon Class Strategies - with modifications these are also very effective on Bitterblack Isle.


  • See also the gallery at Perfect Block which has many high level examples.