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You may find many great items in chests and lying about, but you still need to visit the vendors from time to time. Here you can refresh your supplies, ugrade your equipment, and sell extra items that you do not need. New inventory is unlocked at these shops as you progress through the game, based on the following seven stages of the game.


- These stages help you figure out what you need to do in order to access certain items in a peddler's inventory.

Stage Number Requirements to Access Each Stage
Stage 1 Game start through Off With Its Head
Stage 2 Off With Its Head through the first Wyrm Hunt Quest
Stage 3 First Wyrm Hunt Quest through Come to Court
Stage 4 Come to Court through Trials and Tribulations/Griffin's Bane
Stage 5 Trials and Tribulations/Griffin's Bane through Reward and Responsibility
Stage 6 Reward and Responsibility through The Final Battle
Stage 7 The Final Battle through Post Game

General InformationEdit

For the most part, the merchants who have their own shop have an unlimited supply. The travelling shopkeepers have a set number of each item that they carry. For these shops, their inventories will resupply every few days. Not all merchants share the same resupply days.

Completing quests for shopkeepers and giving them items that they favor increase their friendship towards you. Items are sometimes unlocked by getting your friendship toward a vendor to a certain level. Once an item is available, even if your friendship level dips below the required level, it remains in the shop.

There are a few ways to get discounts from shopkeepers. Carrying the following items in your inventory or on a pawn gives you a discount at certain stores: Bronze Idol, Silver Idol, Gold Idol, the idol forgeries, Wyrm Hunt License, and Badge of Merit. Each item provides a different range of discounts. The Bronze Idol can provide a 10% discount, whereas, the Gold Idol provides a 30% discount. The Gold Idol provides the best discount out of every listed item above. However, these discounts do not stack and therefore unnecessary to carry the other discount items besides the Gold Idol.

How to Increase ProfitEdit

It's also worth noting that the Sorcerer's Suasion skill increases the amount of money you get when selling an item. The number of Sorcerers with this skill changes the increas in fold as follows: one Sorcerer gives 1.15x the selling price, two gives 1.32x the selling price, three gives 1.52x the selling price, and four gives 1.75x the selling price.

If you're looking to make a fast profit on random items, this would be a good way to do so.

As of Dark Arisen; having a Ring of Thrift in the inventory grants a 15% bonus to gold earned when selling items, the same as Suasion. This effect does not stack on the same character, however. Only the effect of one Ring of Thrift OR Suasion per character will be apparent. The effect does stack if both the Arisen and main pawn have a ring each, granting a total of 32,3% bonus.

Selling Enhanced ItemsEdit

If an item that you are selling has been enhanced, the selling price will be higher than normal. Each rank increases the value.

Level of Equipment Multiply Sell Price By
0 1x
1 1.1x
2 1.2x
3 1.45x
4 (Dragonforged) 2.7x

List of Merchants and ShopsEdit

- Reynard tends to move quite often. This makes it a tad difficult to locate him when you need to. *

- Alon moves inside of the Quarry after you complete his quest Of Merchants and Monsters. **

- These peddlers can only be accessed after The Final Battle is complete. ***

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