Showdown is a skill available in Dragon's Dogma.


"An advanced form of Staredown that greatly boost the user's Strength for a longer period of time."

An advanced version of Staredown that causes Strength Boosted for one minute, but inflicts Lowered Defense for one and a half minutes.

The effect is similar to that from consuming a single Vigor Extract.

In Dark Arisen, Showdown becomes Crackdown when a suitable Assassin's Ring or Assassin's Band is equipped.


Skill Strength boosted Defense reduced
Staredown 30s 45s
Showdown 60s 90s
Crackdown 90s ~135s
  • Voidspell will erase the lowered defense debilitation while leaving the Strength boost. A Sorcerer pawn with Voidspell will instantly heal the lowered defense condition and keep the strength boost perfectly intact.
  • Staredown, Showdown, and Crackdown all increase strength based damage by approximately 20%, and lowers defense (increasing received damage) by 20%.
    • The boosts stack with other item based boosts such as Vigor Extract or Conqueror's Periapt.
    • Like other potion based strength boosts the effects do not show in the numerical stats.
    • The maximum stack is four boosts - using Showdown after taking using four Conqueror's Periapts has no additional effect on strength.
  • The Bonus Enhancement: "Extends the duration of attribute boosts applied to you." does not effect Showdown.
  • Gale Harness hastens the charge time for this skill.
  • While activated, attempting to enable the skill a second time will cancel the effect almost instantly.