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There are 7 progression stages in the main quest that significantly alter the game's side quest availability and/or vendor inventory:

Stage Number Requirements to Access Each Stage
Stage 1 Game start through Off With Its Head
Stage 2 Off With Its Head through the first Wyrm Hunt Quest
Stage 3 First Wyrm Hunt Quest through Come to Court
Stage 4 Come to Court through Trials and Tribulations/Griffin's Bane
Stage 5 Trials and Tribulations/Griffin's Bane through Reward and Responsibility
Stage 6 Reward and Responsibility through The Final Battle
Stage 7 The Final Battle through Post Game

What follows is a list of the non Notice Board side quests and when they can safely be attempted prior to crossing the games next significant threshold. This is a guarantee that they will be available at that stage, not that they will become unavailable after. To ensure that all the side quests have unlocked, pursue them just prior to accepting the listed game progression quest.

Stage 1Edit

  • Guard Duty -Cassardis- Talk to Madeleine at the inn after finishing Call of the Arisen.
  • Deep Trouble -Cassardis- Talk to Poll, near the well.
  • Floral Delivery -Cassardis- Talk to Benita in the derelic house east of the inn. Finish before Off With Its Head.
  • Grim Tidings -Cassardis- Talk to Elvar. Finish before starting A Rude Awakening.
  • Lost Faith -Cassardis- Talk to Father Clemente. Finish before Off With Its Head.
  • Strength in Numbers -The Encampment- Automatically triggered after gaining access to the Riftstone.
  • Search Party -Wilderness outside of Cassardis- First save Reynard from goblins on the path to the Encampment (must be done on your FIRST trek from Cassardis to the Encampment), then, when able, complete ten separate transactions with him.
    • Warning: completing the final stage of this quest line removes Reynard from the game. This quest line is best completed just prior to finishing Stage 6, to allow his inventory to expand fully.

Stage 2Edit

Stage 3Edit

  • Nothing, but be sure to speak with Lady Aelinore in her garden after the first audience with the Duke (the camera will pan upon exiting the castle doors).

Stage 4Edit

Stage 5Edit

Stage 6Edit

Stage 7Edit

  • A Warm Welcome -Cassardis- Begins automatically upon starting Post-Game. Be sure to complete before finishing the Post-Game quests and progressing through the Wakestone portal.

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