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Small Nut is an item available in Dragon's Dogma.


"A nut that would serve to stave off hunger. Consume it to recover a tiny amount of Health."
"Affects a single target. A combinable material. Restores some health."

Restores 50 Health.

These and Moldy Twigbeans have the best health restoration per pound of any buyable single target curative at 5000 health per pound. Kingwarish is slightly higher, but is not widely available. (The Dark Arisen item Lordly Tonic is also better, but the full healing effect is unlikely to be used)

Cost per unit of nutrition is reasonable, but many items are better including common restoratives such as Twigbean, Greenwarish, Potent Greenwarish and Berry.

For more information see List of Health and Stamina Curatives.



2 Star Enhancement

Combining Results

Component to

Item Item Product
Small Nut + Harspud Milk = Cloudwine
Small Nut + Harspud Juice = Rousing Perfume
Small Nut + Harspud Sauce = Rousing Incense

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