Smithy is a location in Dragon's Dogma.


The Smithy is located in Gran Soren's Craftsman's Quarter south of the Pawn guild. The building consists of a smithy open to the elements and an adjacent dwelling, plus a large furnace chimney. The smithing area appears to be under construction due to the presence of construction workers and various building materials such as wooden planks and hinges for doors.

The building adjacent to the forge may be a storehouse, or the Smith's quarters. Both doors are locked shut and cannot be entered into. There is also a balcony-like area atop the building which can be climbed to - a wooden box chest upon the balcony contains low-grade clothing such as Short Pants, Leather Shoes, or Evening Tights.

The resident smithy is Austine, assisted by his sickly son Wilhem. Other regular visitors are the workers Garvin and Humphrauy who can be seen plastering the walls or nailing wood, especially during evening time before they leave for bed.



  • On the map the Smithy is the building to the southwest of this building, with this building labeled as Craftsman's House Pawns however refer to this house as a Smithy.