Soaring Stone is a skill available in Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen.


"An advanced form of Leaping Stone that also yanks its victims into the air for a follow-up attack."

An advanced version of Leaping Stone that also pulls the targeted foe into the air for additional attacks.


  • For general tactics for this class of skills see Leaping Stone.
  • Unlike Leaping Stone the initial kick-off does damage.
  • The jump height is lower than that of the lower level versions, which reduces its effectiveness against giant foes when followed up with Skull Splitter.
  • The knock-up done by the strider skill Soaring Stone is equivalent to a knockdown, and so breaks the Vile Eyes barrier, making them vulnerable to further attacks.
  • Using Soaring Stone may also inflict the debilitaton of equipped Golden, Aneled or Rusted Daggers.