Sofiah is an NPC in Dragon's Dogma.


Sofiah is a former Arisen and was the master of Selene. She appears in ghost form to the current Arisen. She was known as the Witch of the Woods.


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The former master of Selene, she appears to the player in the form of a ghost at the end of the Witch Hunt quest. A simple cairn with the name washed away stands as her grave. She speaks to the player and reveals how over time Selene came to grow more and more like herself, a process she calls the "Bestowal of Spirit". After explaining this, Selene's pawn print disappears.

"...For you see I myself was once Arisen. And this girl Selene...was my pawn. The soul of an Arisen can but affect their follower. Given time, the pawn will assume the Arisen's very form....But see well Selene. See how she resembles me..."



  • Sofiah does not reappear again in the game, outside of her escort quest. However, searching her cairn at a later stage will reveal the Ancient Tablet, an item which can be turned into an Arisen's Bond.
  • It is not specified if she died as an Arisen (without a heart) or if she gained back her heart and died of old age. Selene's much more youthful appearance, having taken on the appearance of her master through the Bestowal of Spirit, seems to imply the latter - that she successfully slayed her Dragon as a young woman and reclaimed her heart, free to live a normal lifespan. Alternatively, she may have lived for many decades as an Arisen before her Dragon was slain, either by her hand or that of a later Arisen - and aged accordingly after its death, dying soon after. See Arisen for Speculated Arisen Timeline.
  • As a ghost, it's unclear how the posting for her escort quest would have appeared on the notice board in Pablos' Inn in Cassardis in the Post-Game. Given that Selene relocates to Your House in Cassardis after the completion of Witch Hunt, she might have been the one to post the notice on her former master's behalf.