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The Sorcerer is an Advanced Vocation in Dragon's Dogma. It costs 1,000 Discipline Points (DP) to switch to this vocation.


Schooled in the arcane arts, Sorcerers deploy the deadliest of magicks in battle. From meteor showers, massive ice spikes, and deadly necromancy, Sorcerers are truly a powerful force to behold and should never be underestimated.

Primary Weapon: Archistaves

Primary Offensive stat: Magick

Armor: in general Spellcaster Armor Sets and like components - iron, due it its deleterious effect on magic is avoided like the plague. Sorcerers have access to a few wearable items that their close peers Mages do not.

Strengths and RoleEdit

Devastating Magicks: No other class is capable of harnessing the near-cosmic magickal forces that Sorcerers can wield. Sorcerers have access to the most powerful offensive magick spells.

Elemental Enchanting: Like the Mage, Sorcerers can use enchanting magicks to power up a companion's weapons with deadly elemental effects.

Crippling Debilitations: Sorcerers possess a variety of debilitating magicks that can affect larger crowds.

Combat Mobility: The powerful Focused Bolt ( a Core Skill, the charged Light Attack) when used in conjuction with a Holy enchantment, allows for high mobility while being able to inflict great amounts of damage.

Field Mobility: The Levitate skill can be used for increased mobility when moving around the map. It can be used to grab ledges above you that even the Double Vault skill won't reach. An example is the Witchwood entrance near Cassardis, a quick shortcut to the Witch's house.

Incredible Magick Defense: Not many magick attacks will harm Sorcerers.

Highest Magick Attack Growth: Sorcerers have the highest Magick attack growth of all vocations in the game, useful for buffing up the strength of Magick attacks of other classes if you level a few times in this class.

Group Spellcasting: (also known as Spell Synching.) If a sorcerer (be it you or a pawn) starts casting a spell, an allied sorcerer that is close enough to the initial caster of the spell can mirror the spell and cast it much faster (e.g. If your pawn has started to cast high maelstrom and is almost done, if you're close enough you can start the spell at your pawn's current spellcasting progress, potentially making the cast time less than a second).


No Healing Magicks: Features no active healing or recovery skills (aside from Voidspell, which is really only useful to cure Petrification and Lowered Defense inflicted by Leapworms).

Low Physical Defense: Sub-par physical damage threshold, also gets knocked back easily.

Low Health and Stamina: Health gain per level is the lowest in the game, and stamina gain second lowest. Their combined gain up to level 100 is only 31 points per-level, tied with the Mage, where most other classes have a combined health/stamina gain of near 50.

No Evasive or Defensive moves: The Sorcerer class must rely on jumping or levitating away from danger since they cannot block or dodge roll to avoid incoming attacks. Always be aware of your surroundings when casting big spells to avoid being blindsided.

Slow Casting: Many of the Sorcerer's spells take a long time to cast so one must be careful or you may leave yourself open for an attack. Equipping the Articulacy augment and carrying the Wyrmking's Ring in your inventory will shorten spellcasting times.

Dragon's Dogma All Sorcerer Skills07:42

Dragon's Dogma All Sorcerer Skills

All Sorcerer Skills

Golems: The glowing discs on Golems have high resistance to magick, Sorcerers have a hard time destroying them. The Arisen must jump and use the heavy attack button on the weak points or use high tier spells. Pawns sometimes have difficulty attacking the hard to reach areas of the palm and metatarsal (bottom of the foot) if they are not familiar with this enemy.

Daimon: Compared to the other classes which rely on physical based attacks, a Sorcerer needs relatively high magick to effectively fight him.  A Holy-buffed Focused Bolt, however, is deadly and allows the Sorcerer Arisen to run whilst charging the shot.


Augments: 33,600 DP
Core: 6,600 DP
Archistaff Skills: 86,000 DP

Total Skills: 126,200 DP

Archistaff SkillsEdit

Skill Element Rank DP Description
Ingle Fire Already Learned - Looses a ball of fire that explodes upon contact, engulfing both the target and surrounding foes.
Miasma Dark Already Learned - Transmutes the land into a putrid bog that poisons foes who tread upon it.
Frazil Ice 1 200 Creates a concentrated field of cold in front of the user that freezes solid whatever enemies it visits.
Levin Lightning 1 200 Smites the enemy from above with tongues of lightning. Especially effective at driving foes out of hiding.
Ice Boon Ice 1 200 Launches a bolt of magick that enchants an ally's weapon with ice.
Fire Boon Fire 1 200 Launches a bolt of magick that enchants and ally's weapon with fire.
Thunder Boon Lightning 1 200 Launches a bolt of magick that enchants an ally's weapon with thunder.
High Frazil Ice 3 700 An advanced form of Frazil that creates an expanded field of cold around the user that deals ice damage to those it touches.
High Ingle Fire 3 700 An advanced form of Ingle that looses a number of fiery projectiles that explode on contact.
High Levin Lightning 3 700 An advanced form of Levin that smites foes with multiple lighting bolts from above.
High Miasma Dark 3 1300 An advanced form of Miasma that expands the size of poisonous fog and endures for a longer period of time.
Lassitude Dark 3 1300 Invokes a magickal sigil at a designated location that inflicts torpor upon foes who enter.
Holy Boon Holy 3 500 Launches a bolt of magick that enchants an ally's weapon with holy light.
Dark Boon Dark 3 500 Launches a bolt of magick that enchants an ally's weapon with darkness.
Necromancy Dark 4 1800 Summons the souls of the departed to surround the user, assisting with attack and defense for a time.
Blearing Dark 4 1000 Invokes a magickal sigil around the user that blinds foes who enter.
Silentium Dark 4 1000 Invokes a magickal sigil around the user that silences foes who enter.
Voidspell Holy 4 1800 Invokes a magickal sigil around the user that strips debilitations from all allies who enter.
Brontide Lightning 5 1400 Wraps the users body in a whip-like bolt of lightning capable of damaging foes. (Attack with heavy and light attacks, press Jump to cancel)
Comestion Fire 5 1400 Generates a towering wall of flame; though only modest in power, it ignites adversaries with ease.
Frigor Ice 5 1400 Generates a giant chunk of ice that can serve as a stepping stone.
Petrifaction Dark 5 2600 Invokes a magickal sigil that turns foes who enter it to stone.
High Lassitude Dark 5 2600 An advanced form of Lassitude that calls forth a larger, longer-lasting fog that inflicts torpor upon foes who enter.
Exequy Dark 5 2600 Invokes a magickal sigil capable of destroying outright any foe held within its span for a set length of time.
Bolide Fire 6 3000 Calls meteors down from the heavens to land around the user. The user may move immediately after invocation.
Gicel Ice 6 3000 Conjures lances of ice, then propels them forward.
Fulmination Lightning 6 3000 Bestows the user with lightning, enabling them to electrify foes nearby and add a bit of spark to the rest of the party. (Attack with heavy and light attacks, press Jump to cancel)
High Necromancy Dark 6 3000 An advanced form of Necromancy that calls forth a larger host of spirits that assist with attack and defense for a time.
High Blearing Dark 6 1400 An advanced form of Blearing that invokes a larger aura around the user, blinding foes who enter.
High Silentium Dark 6 1400 An advanced form of Silentium that calls forth a larger aura around the user, silencing foes who enter.
Ice Affinity Ice 6 1200 An advanced form of Ice Boon that extends and amplifies the enchantment, as well as the recipient's Magick.
Fire Affinity Fire 6 1200 An advanced form of Fire Boon that extends and amplifies the enchantment, as well as the recipient's Magick.
Thunder Affinity Lightning 6 1200 An advanced form of Thunder Boon that extends and amplifies the enchantment, as well as the recipient's Magick.
Holy Affinity Holy 6 1200 An advanced form of Holy Boon that extends and amplifies the enchantment, as well as the recipient's Magick.
Dark Affinity Dark 6 1200 An advanced form of Dark Boon that extends and amplifies the enchantment, as well as the recipient's Magick.
High Voidspell Holy 6 3000 Invokes a magickal sigil which restores any lowered offensive or defensive attributes, and clears Petrification.
High Brontide Lightning 7 1800 An advanced form of Brontide that calls forth a longer-lasting whip of lightning that drops more bolts when dismissed.
High Comestion Fire 7 1800 An advanced form of Comestion that invokes an even longer wall of flame easily able to ignite foes.
High Frigor Ice 7 1800 An advanced form of Frigor that generates three spires of ice. The last one can serve as a stepping stone.
Seism Holy 7 4800 Shakes the earth, causing a stony prominence to erupt forth, stunning and damaging foes in a broad radius.
Maelstrom Dark 7 4800 Summons a whirlwind to wreak havoc upon any foes caught in its path.
High Bolide Fire 8 5000 An advanced form of Bolide that calls down a greater number of meteors. The user may move after deployment.
High Gicel Ice 8 5000 An advanced form of Gicel that calls forth several twisting spikes of ice that thrust forward from the ground.
High Fulmination Lightning 8 5000 An advanced form of Fulmination that envelops the user in a more powerful and wider-ranged bolt of lighting.
High Petrifaction Dark 8 5000 An advanced form of Petrifaction that invoke a larger, longer-lasting fog that turns foes who enter it to stone.
High Exequy Dark 8 5000 An advanced form of Exequy that creates an capable of destroying any foe caught within it in a shorter period of time.
High Seism Holy 9 8500 An advanced form of Seism that causes even more eruptions of stone, stunning and damaging foes over a wide area.
High Maelstrom Dark 9 8500 An advanced form of Maelstrom that summons a larger, longer-lasting whirlwind to wreak havoc upon foes.

Core SkillsEdit

Skill Rank DP Description
Feather Jump Already Learned - A light Jump. More effective when grabbing on to platforms and rocks.
Magick Bolt Already Learned - Launches a magick bolt from your staff. Press repeatedly for additional effect. Can add elemental effect via enchantments. [Light Attack]
Magick Billow Already Learned - Emits a shockwave from your palm that sends weaker enemies or staggered stronger enemies flying away. Useful for preventing smaller enemies from swarming you. Can be used mid-air. [Heavy Attack]
Levitate 2 600 An advanced form of Feather Jump that mitigates gravity's pull, enabling a gentle landing even from great heights. Hold [Jump].
Focused Bolt 6 3000 An advanced form of Magick Bolt. Focuses the user's active enchantment into a powerful burst that can be fired from the ground or air. Hold [Light Attack] until the staff 'pops' at its upper end and then release. Autotargets if buffed with an element.
Magick Agent 6 3000 An advanced form of Magick Billow. Conjures spheres of magickal energy around the user to attack encroaching foes. Also employable from mid-air. Hold [Heavy Attack] and release after charging animation concludes.


Skill Rank DP Description
Awareness 1 1200 Increases Magick Defense by 50.
Emphasis 2 1200 Increases the ability to knockdown enemies with spells.
Suasion 2 1200 Increases sale value of items by 15%.
Conservation 7 6000 Reduces the Stamina consumed when you perform a magick weapon skill by 15%.
Gravitas 7 6000 Makes it harder to knock you off your feet while preparing a spell.
Acuity 9 9000 Increases Magick by 20%.
Articulacy 9 9000 Reduces all spell casting times by 15%.

For information on how augments impact stats and how stacking of multiple augments work see the Stats page.


Stat GrowthEdit

HP Stamina Attack Defense Magick Attack Magick Defense
Lvl 10+ 16 15 2 1 5 5
Lvl 100+ 10 10 0 0 3 1


  • To shorten spellcasting time, equip the Articulacy augment and carry the Wyrmking's Ring in your inventory. Duplicate a Wyrmking's Ring Forgery with Montebank in Gran Soren to give to Aldous to complete the quest The Wyrmking's Ring and keep the original.
  • When cast, spells which display a "target lock" onto an enemy (such as Ingle, Frigor, Miasma, Levin and Gicel) may be toggled between auto targeting and manual targeting by clicking down on the left analog stick or pressing the Shift key. When casting boon and affinity spells buffs, click down on the left analog stick to toggle between targeting pawns and self-targeting the Arisen.
  • Equip at least one short casting spell (such as Ingle, Lassitude, or Comestion) to handle quicker enemies like Wolves, Wargs, or Harpies. Many of the Sorcerer's powerful spells require long casting times, but such spells are sometimes overkill for the enemies involved.  
  • Consider partially-casting spells if speed is called for.  If, for example, High Comestion is equipped, releasing it prior to charging its second bar casts Comestion.  Since Comestion has a high knockdown component, using it for a fast cast can quickly incapacitate enemies for your pawns to move in to finish them off. Partial casting can be done with any High- or Grand-version spell.
  • Equip a mixed spell selection based on the five different elements in order to be prepared for different enemy weaknesses. Have at least one Fire spell (like Ingle or Comestion), one Ice spell (like Frigor or Gicel), one Thunder spell (like Brontide, Levin or Fulmination), etc., to avoid being caught at a disadvantage against an enemy immune or resistant to the party's equipped spells.
  • Fire Boon/Fire Affinity is effective against enemies in the first stages of the game (Pre-Game, before the battle against The Dragon).  After the battle against The Dragon Grigori (Post-Game), Holy Boon/Holy Affinity is more effective, as most Post-Game monsters are vulnerable to Holy enchanted weapons and spells. Within Bitterblack Isle, however, some enemies have strong resistance to Holy enchanted weapons and spells and are instead more vulnerable to Ice or Lightning.
  • Necromancy makes for an excellent offensive and defensive spell. The floating skulls it summons will protect the party from nearby enemies, causing often fatal damage to enemies that encroach into its defensive radius.
  • Petrification and Exequy are ineffective against bosses and most larger non-boss enemies.
  • Casting Maelstrom in an enclosed area like a dungeon may obscure the visibility of the area, though it won't damage the party. Standing within the center of the Maelstrom will lure and sweep up any small or medium size enemies that attempt to enter, allowing the Arisen to cast another powerful spell in relative safety. Maelstrom will also re-group Metal Golem sigils closer together, and on successive casting, move them to where melee pawns can get at them or ranged pawns will shoot them.
  • Only Sorcerers can cast High Voidspell to cure both Petrification and the Lowered Defense debilitation caused by Leapworms.
  • Sorcerers are ineffective against Golems, as their glowing discs protect them from spells. One way for a Sorcerer to defeat a Golem is by using High Exequy or the jumping heavy palm strike attack. It is necessary to have either another Sorcerer that knows this spell for Spell Synching or to bring along a surplus of stamina replenishing Curatives.
  • The Sorcerer's Heavy Attack - the magick pulse that radiates from the palm - can also damage the discs on a Golem and the floating discs that power Metal Golems. This means getting in close to the Golem and some precise positioning, so it is advised that Sorcerers pay close attention to the Golem's actions to avoid heavy damage.
  • Brontide uses up Stamina quite rapidly. If you intend to use this spell frequently it is advised to spend a little time focusing on Stamina-increasing Vocations such as the Ranger for a few levels.  This is why pawns will never use Brontide or its variants if they have a Lightning-based spell available that costs less stamina.
  • The Focused Bolt in combination with Holy Boon/Holy Affinity/Holy Pact or other magickal holy enchantments deals very high damage, especially against bigger enemies. Its fast loading time, auto-targeting of weak spots, ability to penetrate enemies (dealing damage while doing so and hitting multiple enemies in a row) and high mobility while charging it makes it one of the best skills for Sorcerers and Mages.
  • Pawn inclinations: Guardian pawns will stand relatively close by to protect the Arisen. This can be useful when fighting Goblins or other smaller creatures, but terrible against Golems and other large boss creatures. Guardian-inclined pawns may even lead the enemy right to the Arisen. Challengers, Scathers or Mitigators will keep the enemy away from the Arisen. A Sorcerer pawn with the Utilitarian inclination will "mirror" or Spell Synch the spells (like Bolide) being cast by other party members, reducing casting time. Guardian Fighters or Warriors with the skills War Cry or Shield Drum are particularly bad for the Sorcerer Arisen as they will draw enemies down directly on the Arisen's position, guaranteeing spell interruption and damage.


The Equipment of the Sorcerer in the Change Vocation Menu is:

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