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Soulflayer Canyon
Dragon's Dogma - Soulflayer Canyon
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Barta Crags
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Soulflayer Canyon is a location in Dragon's Dogma.


A canyon with multiple levels home to Cyclops, Snow Harpies, Spectres, Gargoyles, and a Cockatrice. (The Cockatrice will not appear until after the completion of Honor and Treachery). It can be very difficult to find your way around the canyon, as there is always the risk of falling to your death and the confusing design.


Soulflayer Canyon is reached by entering Cursewood and go the northern/left path. Not the right path. Here you will walk alongside a cliff trail and encounter Westron Labrys Members along the way. If you encounter a Cyclops you will have gone too far. When you get to the "2nd level" of the cliff you will want to walk east until you find the east entrance of the Canyon. It'll just be a default wooden door with two torches on each side of it. It will not be hard to find it.

There is also another exit, that is a further travel to reach then to simply go to the east entrance. You still go the same way as you did to go to the east entrance. You go further. You will reach The Ruins of Heavenspeak Fort and will have to kill the female bandits in order to go through the gate. Before reaching The Greatwall you will have to turn east again, and here you will find the west entrance of the Canyon.



For a map overview of Leaper's Ledge where most equipment from this list can be found see the gallery below. Equipment


Points of InterestEdit

Pawn Status Travels KnowledgeEdit

  • Entering the Soulflayer Canyon through the Southeast entrance grants Pawn Travels Knowledge.
  • Visiting the area of the eastern side of the broken bridge on the First Floor grants Pawn Travels Knowledge. (Revisiting this area several times may result in additional Knowledge.)
  • The climbable areas above the rock platforms where the Sulfur Saurians lurk may also yield Pawn Travels Knowledge.


  • Beware of your encounter with the Cyclops. While on the narrow bridge it is incredibly easy to be knocked to your death. It's wisest to attempt to disarm it before obscuring its vision, lest it wildly swing its club. (However, for an easier approach enter with a bow, and shoot the cyclops from the first section of path, if done right the Cyclops should walk off the stone bridge and fall to its death, giving you the exp with little effort; a direct hit with High Ingle will also do this.)
  • Probably one of the easiest areas to gather high-level equipment early in the game; can be farmed for Chimeric equipment and all equipment available (Caxton's Armory) after the battle with Cockatrice and visiting the treasury.
  • Soulflayer Canyon has the same loot each time you visit. So don't expect to find something different when you revisit.
  • If approaching the broken bridge from the west (the Barta Crags entrance), it is possible to jump across with a sprinting start and follow with a Double Vault or Levitate.
  • To find Leaper's Ledge enter Soulflayer Canyon from the west entrance, take the path right and then right again across the wooden bridge. Take the wooden ladder down and then across another wooden bridge take the ladder down a second time and a third time. After the third ladder make an immediate right around the rocky area and you'll end up at a ramp where you can slide down into Leapers Ledge.
  • If you have a bow equipped, It may be easier to kill the Cyclops on the bridge. What you do is, you walk toward the bridge but you stop right before you reach it. Do not tell your pawns to go and they will not attack the Cyclops. The cyclops appears not to see you, so it will keep standing up and then falling down. You can keep attacking it with your bow from a distance and it won't come after you. It might take longer to kill it, but it is the safest way to kill it. 


Simply enter into Soulflayer Canyon to unlock the below achievement.


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