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Soulflayer Canyon
Dragon's Dogma - Soulflayer Canyon
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Barta Crags
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Soulflayer Canyon is a location in Dragon's Dogma.


A canyon with multiple levels home to Cyclops, Snow Harpies, Spectres, Gargoyles, a Cockatrice, and a Gorecyclops (only for the quest An Unseen Rival I). The Cockatrice will spawn at Leaper's Ledge after the completion of the Honor and Treachery quest. It can be difficult to navigate the canyon, as there is always the risk of falling off a ledge and the disorienting dungeon design.


Soulflayer Canyon can be reached by entering Cursewood and following the northern (left branch) path. Along the cliff trail are numerous hostile female Bandits (Westron Labrys Members).

Encountering a Cyclops means the Souflayer Canyon's east entrance has been passed, while continuing east up the mountain will eventually lead to The Ruins of Heavenspeak Fort and The Greatwall.

Hike up to the upper level of the cliff and walk further east to the Soulflayer Canyon main entrance, flanked by two tiki torches.

There is also an alternate entrance further west, past six more female Bandits and a Cyclops. Pass through The Ruins of Heavenspeak Fort. The female Bandits within are not overtly hostile, unless they are provoked or if there is a male character within the party.

Continue up the hill (to Barta Crags) along the right path which leads to a Chimera, Snow Harpies, and Hobgoblins. At night this path is plagued with Skeleton Sorcerers and Phantasms.

Avoid entering the water, as it inflicts both Poison and Blind. The western entrance of Soulflayer Canyon appears as a metal portculis on the right, below The Greatwall.

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For a map overview of Leaper's Ledge where most equipment from this list can be found see the gallery below. Equipment


Mined from Ore Deposits

Points of InterestEdit

Pawn Status Travels KnowledgeEdit

  • Entering the Soulflayer Canyon through the Southeast entrance grants Pawn Travels Knowledge.
  • Visiting the area of the eastern side of the broken bridge on the First Floor grants Pawn Travels Knowledge. (Revisiting this area several times may result in additional Knowledge.)
  • The climbable areas above the rock platforms where the Sulfur Saurians lurk may also yield Pawn Travels Knowledge.


  • Beware when engaging the Cyclops on the bridge. While on the narrow bridge it is incredibly easy to be knocked off. Along with the Cyclops there are also three unseen Snow Harpies that have a scripted "Grab and drop" attack on the bridge. The risk of being falling off can be mitigated with several techniques, including :
    • Snipe the Cyclops's eye from afar with Lyncean Sight or Comet Shot, or unleash Downpour Volleys.
    • Disarm the Cyclops by exposing it to Thunder spells like Levin, Brontide, or Fulmination.
    • Inflict Torpor with a (preferably Goldforged) Rusted Bow will dramatically reduce the speed of the Cyclops' club swing.
    • High Ingle to the eye (from afar) can cause the Cyclops to fall off the bridge.
    • Run straight across the bridge to the other side before engaging the three Snow Harpies and Cyclops from the high ground, a much safer defensive position.
  • Probably one of the easiest areas to gather high-level equipment early in the game. This area can be farmed for Chimeric armor and other equipment available at Caxton's Armory after the battle with the Gran Soren Cockatrice and visiting the Treasury.
  • Most Soulflayer Canyon chests have the same loot each time they are opened, so don't expect to find something different by using the Godsbane exploit.
  • If approaching the broken bridge from the west (the Barta Crags entrance), it is possible to jump across with a sprinting start and follow with a Double Vault or Levitate.
  • To find Leaper's Ledge enter Soulflayer Canyon from the west entrance, take the path right and then right again across the wooden bridge. Take the wooden ladder down and then across another wooden bridge take the ladder down a second time and a third time. After the third ladder make an immediate hairpin right turn around the rocky area and there will be a ramp that slides down to Leapers Ledge. Many gather spots and two treasure chests await in this area.


Simply enter into Soulflayer Canyon to unlock the below achievement.


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