Soulflayer Canyon is a location in Dragon's Dogma.


Soulflayer Canyon is a deep canyon with multiple levels located between the Barta Crags and the Cursewood, home to Snow Harpies, Phantasms, Goblins, Spiders and Sulfur Saurians.

Additionally a Cyclops, Gargoyle, Cockatrice, and possibly a Gorecyclops (during the Dark Arisen quest An Unseen Rival I) may be found here.

The Cyclops guards a high and narrow rock bridge crossing from one side of the canyon to the other; the Gargoyle is an erratic that makes the canyon its home after attacking a freight wagon, stealing important documents (see The Conspirators); the Cockatrice appears at Leaper's Ledge after completion of the Honor and Treachery quest.

The canyon is difficult to navigate, primarily because the main bridge connecting one side to the other is broken. There are many opportunities for falls, both onto hard rocks and into water; additionally some slippery steep slopes cannot be returned up, complicating travel in the canyon.


The Soulflayer Canyon has two entrances, one from the Cursewood, the other from Barta Crags.

The Cursewood entrance is east of the path leading to The Ruins of Heavenspeak Fort, at the point the path begins to exit the forest and begins to ascend steeply upwards - the entrance is concealed off the path in a small hollow.

The Barta Crags entrance is close to, south-east of, and below the Greatwall Encampment - from the exit to the Encampment two miasmic ponds must be passed, and a steep zig-zag path taken.


Ore Relative
abundance (%)
Copper Ore 40
Copperstone 26
Pretty Stone 13
Gold Ore 8
Sorrowstone 5
Silver Ore 5
Rock 3

The canyon is relatively rich in loot, mostly in chests - several enchanted weapons can be found here, as well as good quality armor and valuable materials.

There are several Ore deposits in the canyone, but the veins are weak - only rarely does a deposit give more than one or two ores. Copperstone is unique to the canyon.

Flora includes Sunbright and Moonglow, as well as Godsthrone Blossom, White Orchids, Wintry Herb and Bringbout. There are a few Fish pools in the canyon - though they do not seem to host Giant Fish, a few have a small chance of containing a Snakeskin Purse.

Other loot commonly found includes Argence and Sconce.

Much but not all of the treasure in the canyon is found at Leaper's Ledge - gather spots here may also yield fine equipment.


Map Chest Loot
First Floor

Soulflayer upper final

First Level Underground and Leaper's Ledge Soulflayer lower final

1 Almace, Terminal Gyre, Animistic Robe
2 Triple Tooth
3 Fifth Journal Entry
4 Liquid Vim, Chimeric Armet, Giant Coin Pouch, Salubrious Brew, Arm Crest (a Pilgrim's Charm is nearby)
5 Giant Coin Pouch, Saurian Tactics Vol. 2, Bastard Sword, Plain Longbow
6 Chimeric Gauntlets, Giant Coin Pouch, Knight's Mantle, Gryphic Cloak
7 Secret Softener, Argence, Giant Coin Pouch, Cockatrice Strategy Vol. 1, Goddess Cameo
8 Giant Coin Pouch, Secret Softener, Argence
9 Cockatrice Strategy Vol. 1, Cockatrice Liquor, Fine Over-Knee Boots, Red Longkilt, Raptor Cuisses
10 Banker's Periapt, Giant Coin Pouch, Free-Spoken Earring, Iris Ring, Ring of Sable

There are two adjecent Weapon/Armor Piles in this same tunnel - these often give a rusted weapon including Rusted Magick Shield or Rusted Archistaff.

11 Caladbolg, Malignance, Cockatrice Liquor, Argence, Giant Coin Pouch

Weapon/Armor Pile nearby may give a Silver Vest, Rusted Magick Shield, Iris Ring, Harspud Juice, Large Coin Pouch, or a skull.

12 Chimeric Half Plate, Crowned Hood, Scarlet Cape, Thousand Stings
13 Giant Coin Pouch (common), Rex Lion Padding, Sage's Robe, Staminal Drench
14 Secret Softener (common), Master's Merle, Fluted Bow, Bespoke Longbow, or Evil Eye Strategy Vol. 2
15 Liberating Brew, Harspud Juice, Free-Spoken Earring, Golden Ring, Giant Coin Pouch
16 Steel Beak (This area is the Gargoyle roost during The Conspirators)
Additional key : * Seeker's Tokens , ! "Offerings" - typically Sconces , + Weapon/Armor Pile


Pawn Travel Knowledge

Areas that should be visited for Pawn travel knowledge are:

  • Both east and west entrances.
  • Leaper's Ledge - both the slide entry points and stone stair exits.
  • The natural stone bridge with Cyclops.
  • Visiting the area of the eastern side of the broken bridge on the First Floor grants Pawn Travels Knowledge. (Revisiting this area several times may result in additional Knowledge.) The western side may also need to be visited.
  • The climbable areas above the rock platforms where the Sulfur Saurians lurk may also yield Pawn Travels Knowledge.
  • Slide down both the sides of the watery slide after the stone bridge.

Pawn Chatter

"All these snow harpies... Must be a nest close by."
"This canyon links the capital with the west of Granys."
"I ill like the look of this cave... Stay vigilant."
"Winged monsters seem to favor the terrain here."
"The air is chill... Is there water within?"
"The bridge has rotted through. Hm..." [on the broken bridge]
"We're likely the first to be here in years."


  • Beware when engaging the Cyclops on the bridge. While on the narrow bridge it is incredibly easy to be knocked off. Along with the Cyclops there are also three unseen Snow Harpies that have a scripted "Grab and drop" attack on the bridge. The risk of falling off can be mitigated with several techniques, such as sniping or magick attacks, aimed at the eye, stunning with lightning, or running!
  • Probably one of the easiest areas to gather high-level equipment early in the game.
  • If approaching the broken bridge from the west (the Barta Crags entrance), it is possible to jump across with a sprinting start and follow with a Double Vault or Levitate.