Spiral Arrow is a skill available in Dragon's Dogma.


"An advanced form of Whirling Arrow that appends still more strikes to the barrage."

An advanced version of Whirling Arrow.


  • With Dark Arisen, it becomes Corkscrew Arrow with the Ranger's Ring or Ranger's Band equipped.
  • It unleashes a single spinning arrow that will hit several times whilst penetrating through the target before continuing on its path. Effective in delivering debilitations or status effects to enemies using different types of arrows (Sleeper, Poison, Petrification, etc.) while conserving the amount of arrows on hand.
  • Also effective in delivering debilitations from a Rusted Longbow.
  • Spamming this skill can stunlock some enemies.
  • Blast Arrows only explode once, no matter how many times the arrow strikes the target.