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Spring Water
Item Info
Base Weight
Forgery Cost
200 G
80 G

Spring Water is an item available in Dragon's Dogma.


"Pure water from a natural wellspring. Drink it to restore health".

"Affects a group. A combinable material. Restores more Health."


  • Restores 330 HP to the entire party.


  • Obtained from standing within a Healing Spring and using the 'Gather' command, whilst having an Empty Flask in the inventory.


2 Star Enhancement


Component to

Item Item Product
Spring Water + White Orchid = Isometricine
Spring Water + Kept Wilted Blossom = Kept Sunbright
Spring Water + Kept Small Rotten Fish = Kept Small Fish
Spring Water + Kept Large Rotten Fish = Kept Large Fish
Spring Water + Kept Giant Rotten Fish = Kept Giant Fish
Spring Water + Kept Rotten Scrag of Beast = Kept Scrag of Beast
Spring Water + Kept Rotten Beast-Steak = Kept Beast-Steak
Spring Water + Kept Rotten Ambrosial Meat = Kept Ambrosial Meat
Spring Water + Kept Rotten Apple = Kept Apple
Spring Water + Kept Rotten Berry = Kept Berry
Spring Water + Kept Rotten Carrot =

Kept Carrot

Spring Water + Kept Rotten Egg = Kept Egg
Spring Water + Kept Rotten Twigbean = Kept Twigbean


  • Though gathered from a Healing Spring, it doesn't cure ailments which the Healing Spring itself will heal.
  • These are very cheap to get and easy to fill.
  • Pawns will instantly use enough Spring Water to keep an individual party member alive if struck with a heavy blow. This happens faster than a human hand can open inventory for a healing item and much faster than a spell can be cast, thereby making a Mage unnecessary.
  • Pawns can gather Spring Water from a Healing Spring if they have empty flasks within their inventory. Once pawns have ten in their personal inventory, they will stop filling empty flasks with Spring Water. At this point, transfer the full Spring Water flasks to the Arisen and the pawns will continue to fill 10 more flasks. Repeat the process until the party's weight carrying capacity is reached.
  • The Healing Spring near the Duke's manse (in the Northeastern corner of the map) is the best place to stock up on Spring Water flasks, since they can be dropped off at the rest camp under the manse and the process repeated ad infinitum. In Dark Arisen, the Healing Spring in the Arisen's Refuge  is even more convenient, as there are only a few steps from the fountain to Barroch to pick up Empty Flasks and drop off Spring Water, even though pawns will not fill their Empty Flasks in this spring. 
  • Empty Flasks can be bought for 20 gold each. Spring Water can be sold for 80 gold each. By purchasing hundreds of empty flasks and filling them with Spring water, then selling them, one can turn a huge profit with relative ease. Also, use the augment Sinew for maximum carrying capacity. Arisen and Pawns can use it alike.
  • Though they are relatively heavier than the Potent Greenwarish they're significantly more effective, wasting less time healing each party member individually. Recommended for any adventurer traveling off the main paths.
  • Can be used as a combination material on Kept Rotten/Wilted items to restore them to normal Kept stage.

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