Stability is an augment available in Dragon's Dogma.


"Prevents mighty winds from hampering your mobility."

Stability prevents the staggering or knockback effect of wind buffets such as from Harpy, Cockatrice or Dragon wings, or from exploding barrels.

Contrary to its description, this augment does not mitigate the strong wind effect in the Windworn Valley.


  • Also prevents being blown over by a Chimera's roar and staggered by dragonkin's Roar
  • Does not prevent being staggered by ground shockwaves by Cyclops' and Chimera's stomps.
  • Yet prevents being staggered by the shockwave from a Dragonkin's aerial slam attack.
  • Does not protect against Daimon's vortex attack.
  • The Force Hatchet will still lose charge when the wielder is subjected to strong wing buffets.
  • Enemy wind attacks can be also avoided with well timed jumps in the air and with perfect blocks.
  • The bonus enhancement "Prevents wind from affecting mobility" may be found randomly on Bitterblack Armor Lv.3 leg armor, similar in effect to the Stability augment.