Stagger is a short term physical debilitation which causes interruption to a person or creature's actions.

Stagger can be caused by physical attacks or spells, explosions, or even by running into someone.

Ability and resistance to stagger is measured by Stagger Damage and Stagger Resistance.


Indicates the basic amount of stagger all attacks and spells performed by each equipped weapon. The higher the Stagger stat, the more likely it is an enemy will be temporarily knocked off balance, rendering them unable to attack or defend itself. Stagger damage is increased primarily by weapons; stagger accumulation/resistance is affected by character size (e.g., its weight class) and armor, jewelry and certain Augments.

A character's and/or enemy's stagger resistance will diminish with continued attacks. Multiple attacks to a foe in quick succession will quickly contribute to staggering an enemy. Staggered status increases damage taken, since the victim is out of battle stance (e.g., its weapons are not drawn/ready).

The amount of stagger performed per attack is also modified differently by the selected skill (e.g., High LevinHigh Brontide and Pommel Bash have very high stagger damage output). Specific body locations also have different stagger resistance and vulnerabilities (e.g. a Drake's heart).

By increasing the amount of Stagger resistance, a character is significantly less likely to lose balance after a significant blow or magickal attack, which, like staggered enemies, will put the character at a significant disadvantage since a staggered person takes additional damage when out of battle stance.  Check equipped armor for this resistance, which is particularly advantageous for Sorcerers and Mystic Knights.

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