Suasion is an augment available in Dragon's Dogma.


"Enables you to negotiate higher prices for items and equipments you sell."

Increases sale value of items by 15% per party member with the augment equipped.


  • The Suasion augment stacks multiplicatively for each character with this augment. Meaning the total values are not added as a single percentage to the selling price, but the total value is the initial price multiplied by each separate percentage. Having all four party members with the Suasion augment will maximize the price of anything the Arisen sells.
    • If one person has Suasion selling prices increase 15%
    • Two people gives increases of 32.3%
    • Three people gives selling prices up 52.1%
    • A 74.9% selling price increase is obtained if all four party members have Suasion equipped when the sale is made.
    • For example: A single Golden Ring that normally sells for 26,000 G can range in sale price from 29,900 G (one character has Suasion equipped) to 45,474 G (if all 4 characters have Suasion equipped).
  • When the Arisen is within the Rift looking for two pawns to hire with the Suasion augment, look for Sorcerer pawns between levels 34-40 (with online human owners). This is the most likely phase of the game they will first learn and equip this augment (lacking any other options at this point in the story). Alternatively, given most might not choose to keep this augment equipped, searching in offline mode for Sorcerers between levels 45-50 will yield a wide variety to choose from with the Suasion augment permanently equipped.
  • Only the effect of either Suasion or a Ring of Thrift is active per character - so utilising both is ineffective overall.

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