Supplier's Demand is a quest available in Dragon's Dogma.


"Madeleine seeks an idol that will facilitate commerce with an able weaponsmith. Help her, that she might repay the favor."

Deliver the Idol to Madeleine.


This quest becomes immediately available by speaking with Madeleine in her shop after meeting the Duke in the quest Come to Court. Madeleine will request a prized idol as a status symbol to get better supplies for her store.

(7 ~ 2) Dragon's Dogma ~ Supplier's Demand Hero Trophy Guide01:27

(7 ~ 2) Dragon's Dogma ~ Supplier's Demand Hero Trophy Guide

Supplier's Demand ~ Video Walkthrough

Gift a real or forged idol to complete the quest.

Depending on the Idol given, Madeleine will start selling equipment of varying levels; obviously gold is better than silver, which in turn is better than bronze. Giving a forged idol will complete the quest, but will not result in expanding inventories.

Items Unlocked

Bronze Idol

Item Type Alternate Locations
Chest Quests Shop
Maiden's Camisole Torso Armor Ruins of Heavenspeak Fort - -
Maiden's Petticoat Torso Armor Ruins of Heavenspeak Fort - -
Frame Plate Torso Armor The Catacombs
Bloodwater Beach
Conqueror's Sanctuary
- -
White Stockings Leg Armor Witchwood
Vault of Defiled Truth
- -
Barbed Nails Accoutrement - - -
Ring of Sable Accoutrement The Greatwall - Joye

Silver Idol

Item Type Alternate Locations
Chest Quests Shop
Crimson Teeth Dagger Catacombs - -
Summery Cowl Head Armor The Blighted Manse - -
Noblewoman's Corset Torso Armor Duke's Demesne
The Blighted Manse
Guardsman Sought -
Summery Pareo Torso Armor The Blighted Manse - -
Raptor Cuisses Leg Armor The Blighted Manse
Soulflayer Canyon
- -
Ring of Argent Accoutrement Frontier Caverns
The Tainted Mountain Temple
The Blighted Manse
- Joye

Gold Idol

Item Type Alternate Locations
Chest Quests Shop
Galvanic Razors Dagger The Tainted Mountain Temple - -
Kunai Dagger Soulflayer Canyon
The Greatwall
- -
Sultry Cowl Head Armor Chamber of Hope
Chamber of Hesitation
The Tainted Mountain Temple
- -
Sultry Pareo Torso Armor Chamber of Tragedy
Chamber of Hope
A Promised Meeting -
Arm Crest Arms Armor Soulflayer Canyon - Reynard
Flame Skirt Leg Armor The Tainted Mountain
Chamber of Estrangement
- -
Ring of Ruby Accoutrement Chamber of Hesitation
Chamber of Fate
Chamber of Estrangement
Chamber of Inspiration
- -


  • This quest is identical to Caxton's request for the Idol Worship quest, so the Arisen must choose who gets the better Idol. Players may want to consider giving the Gold Idol for the Idol Worship quest, which is an identical quest for Caxton, if they are more geared towards weaponry and heavy armor.
  • Only one Idol can be given per playthrough. A Gold Idol cannot later be given if a Bronze Idol has already been presented.
  • After handing over an Idol it will take two complete days for her inventory to update. (Updates will not occur until lvl.35 as well)
  • The inventories are automatically expanded in New Game Plus irrespective of whether the quest was completed.
  • If the prerequisite quest; Chasing Shadows is failed, Madeleine's shop never opens and Madeleine's quest-line is closed for the remainder of the playthrough.