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Supply and Demands
468px-Q SupplyDemands3
Quest Overview
Quest Giver
Ser Daerio
Quest Location
Windbluff Tower
Come to Court
12,000 Gold
6,000 Exp.
20 Rift Crystals

Supply and Demands is a quest available in Dragon's Dogma.



  • Visit Windbluff Tower and learn of the plight of the men there.
  • Return to Gran Soren to deliver the Ser Daerio's message and request.
  • Take Ser Daerio's message to either the designated guard outside the castle in Gran Soren, or locate and inform Julien.
  • Report back to Ser Daerio and inform him the task is done.


After visiting the Windbluff Tower and accepting the quest from Ser Daerio, the Arisen should speak to Julien or the guard outside the main door to the keep in the Duke's Demesne.

To obtain the greatest rewards from the quest Julien should be informed that the garrison requests one week's worth of supplies. He will then hand over five portions of Ambrosial Meat to take to the men at the garrison.

Having spoken to the guard or Julien in Gran Soren, return to Ser Daerio at Windbluff Tower to complete the quest. If the Arisen spoke to Lord Julien directly and correctly requested a week's worth of supplies, handing over the Ambrosial Meat will cause Ser Daerio to offer the Windbluff Tower Key, which gives access to a locked room and treasure chests in the tower.


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