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Supply and Demands
468px-Q SupplyDemands3
Quest Overview
Quest Giver
Ser Daerio
Quest Location
Windbluff Tower
Come to Court
12,000 Gold
6,000 Exp.
20 Rift Crystals

Supply and Demands is a quest available in Dragon's Dogma.



Deliver the Message to the Castle

  • Take Ser Daerio's message to either Julien or the designated guard at the castle in Gran Soren.
  • Ser Daerio would perfer to have the information passed on to Julien. If you stay at an inn till morning, you may have to wait several minutes for Julien to enter the Duke's Demesne.

Report back to Ser Daerio

  • You delivered the message to the castle. Inform Ser Daerio the task is done.


Get the message to Lord Julien either by going directly to him or to his personal guard. If you go straight to Julien he will also hand you some Ambrosial Meat to take to the men at the garrison. It might be wise to duplicate the meat at the Black Cat before handing it to Ser Daerio in order to be able to satisfy the Epicurean Delights sidequest since Ambrosial Meat is rare.

After this is completed, return to Ser Daerio to finish the quest. If you spoke to Lord Julien directly and correctly requested a weeks worth of supplies, handing over the Ambrosial Meat will cause Ser Daerio to offer you the Windbluff Tower key if you speak to him again afterwards.


  • Starting the main quest Pride Before a Fall will cancel this quest.
  • Talking to a guard after talking to Julien results in Ser Daerio not giving the key when you give him the meat
  • Giving the Ambrosia Meat from Julien to Ser Daerio will likely lead to Ser Daerio liking the Arisen enough to hand over the Windbluff Tower Key. This key leads opens the locked room in the southern wall of the fortress. Inside are two chests containing the Meloirean Helm and the Meloirean Plate.
  • This quest can also be used to accomplish the Epicurean Delights quest via the Forger at the Black Cat.
  • In case the meat has gone rotten before reaching Ser Daerio it is also possible to use 5x Airtight Flasks and 5x Spring Water to turn the rotten meat into kept ambrosial meat which Ser Daerio will accept just as well.
  • If you accidentally talk to the guard right outside on the castle steps (without knowing beforehand how this quest goes), you can STILL find Julien and do this the right way (or the best way).

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