Swamp Things is a quest available in Dragon's Dogma.


"The saurians grow ever wilder in the noisome swamplands known as the Fetor, west of the Capital. We cannot allow them to continue unchecked. Talk of phantasms in the region means you'd best armor yourself against thundershock ere setting out."

Kill ten Sulfur Saurians.


This quest becomes immediately available at the Pawn Guild notice board in Gran Soren after meeting the Duke in the quest Come to Court.

Sulfur Saurians are numerous south of the Deos Hills along the river, and in the Barta Crags west of the Miasmic Haunt.

Once ten are dead, the quest will automatically complete.

Swamp things (quest walkthrough)

Swamp things (quest walkthrough)

Starting from Gran Soren's north gate, cross the bridge north and head east along the river. This area has more than the 10 Sulfur Saurians needed to complete the quest.


  • Though the quest seems to reference the Miasmic Haunt, Sulfur Saurians killed anywhere will count towards the total.