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Symone is an NPC in Dragon's Dogma.


"Beloved daughter of Fournival. She is selfish and naive, though she seems curious about the Arisen."

Related questsEdit


  • While doing Escort Duty, if the Arisen keeps Symone happy, there is a chance to earn a Gold Idol. However, Symone is easily upset and will instead award either a Golden Egg or an Empty Flask if the quest is performed unsatisfactory.
    • The outcome of the Escort duty quest does not depend on Symone's affinity but on the Arisen's behavior during the quest.
  • If Fournival is found guilty during the quest;Trials and Tribulations, Symone will be relocated to The Slums. There, the Arisen will be given the option to give her 100,000 gold. This donation will allow to her live in Fournival Manor for the rest of the game, but with no additional benefit to the Arisen.


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