The Abomination is a DLC quest available in Dragon's Dogma.


"An unspeakable beast has risen in the west. Go and cut it down with all haste, afore it descends on the capital!"

Slay a Gorechimera.


This quest becomes available on Pablos' Inn notice board immediately after slaying The Dragon in The Final Battle - there is a Gorechimera on the Unusual Beach immediately outside Cassardis at this point.

Kill it to complete the quest and obtain an Aneled Cyclops Sigil.

The Abomination (quest walkthrough)01:11

The Abomination (quest walkthrough)

After accepting this quest at Pablos' Inn, walk right outside Cassardis and turn right onto the beach. Slaying this (or any) Gorechimera will complete the quest.


  • Slaying any other Gorechimera will also complete the quest.