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The Blighted Manse
Location Info
Edmun Dragonsbane
Duchess In Distress

The Blighted Manse is a location in Dragon's Dogma.


Once a popular location for nobility, this castle has fallen into disuse. It remains closely guarded, however.

"My days and nights are spent watching over the Blighted Manse. Built by the previous duke to entertain his court of visiting dignitaries, the Manse was his most prized fortress. As a guard, this job is a quiet one. We are surrounded by woodland and harsh mountains to protect from danger, and since it stays unseasonably cool during the summers, we used to play host to the vacations of the Royal Family. However, now, due to the dark times, The Manse is a shadow of its former self. I'm not sure why it requires such security without visitors, perhaps some family secrets remain inside."

You can not enter The Blighted Manse until commencing the quest Duchess In Distress, via the front entrance whilst disguised as a guard using the Set of Royal Guard ArmorThe Manse has a back entrance, but it's sealed off until the quest is complete.


  • On completion of Duchess In Distress, the Blighted Manse remains accessible via the back entrance where you exited during the quest (reached by sliding down the cliff near the Healing Spring or trekking up the windy hill from the Rest Camp). The sewers remain infested with Bandits, and the Manse itself is now home to Spectres and Goblins.
  • You can find plenty of gold, Balmy Incense, Argence and other useful materials here; the last chest by the exit has a chance to contain the rare Snakeskin Purse.


Simply enter into The Blighted Manse to unlock the below achievement.


  • It is possible to earn two pawn location stars for the Blighted Manse on the first journey through, but the third one must be obtained by re-entering and exploring it a second time. Location knowledge markers are at the front entrance hall; the little bridge where Aelinore first asks to be carried; and on the platform near Chest P (which contains the Noblewoman's Corset or Lady's Corset).
  • From the Healing Spring above the Blighted Manse rear entrance, one can safely drop down to fight the Chimera below. Just to the left of the rear entrance (if facing the rear entrance) is a rock formation which the Arisen can safely slide down without suffering damage.


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