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The Blighted Manse is a location in Dragon's Dogma.


Once a popular location for nobility, this castle has fallen into disuse. It remains closely guarded, however.

"My days and nights are spent watching over the Blighted Manse. Built by the previous duke to entertain his court of visiting dignitaries, the Manse was his most prized fortress. As a guard, this job is a quiet one. We are surrounded by woodland and harsh mountains to protect from danger, and since it stays unseasonably cool during the summers, we used to play host to the vacations of the Royal Family. However, now, due to the dark times, The Manse is a shadow of its former self. I'm not sure why it requires such security without visitors, perhaps some family secrets remain inside."

The front entrance to the Manse is guarded by Ser Whitby, Ser Ethen, and Ser Josiah.

The Manse consists of two main area, the castle itself, and the underground sewers leading to the rear entrance. A locked door between the two areas requires the Manse Key.

One cannot enter The Blighted Manse until commencing the quest Duchess In Distress, via the front entrance whilst disguised as a guard using the Set of Royal Guard Armor. The Manse has a back entrance, but it's sealed off until the quest is complete.

Inhabitants and lootEdit


Mystik knight guard 1-002

Two mystic knight skilled guards, one dead, the other fleeing, during the quest Duchess In Distress

During Duchess In Distress the Manse itself is patrolled by Soldiers, whilst the sewers are home to Bandits.

The patrolling guards are Ser Ross, Ser Tyrone, Ser Dorgann, Ser Kain, and Ser Curtis - each wears Gran Soren armour and shield and carry a broadsword. If the alarm is raised further soldiers will arrive trained in Mystic Knight skills - the soldier's are equipped with Knight's Honor and Steel Beak or a form of Ironclad Staff.

At other times the Manse becomes infested with Specters and Goblins.

In the Manse there can be found a lot of kindling, substantial gold in one of the guardrooms where there is also an Airtight Flask, plus other minor items and potions around the walls in crates.


In the sewers there is plenty of gold, Balmy Incense, Argence, Silk and other useful materials here. Chests in the sewer areas contain may contain rare quality armours and weapons, including Rooted Gloom, Recluse's Robe, Raptor Cuisses, or Striker's Greaves; a number of chests may also yield a Snakeskin Purse.

Other sewer loot may included: Lady's Corset, Noblewoman's Corset, Maiden's Petticoat, Assailant's Bracers, Summery Cowl, Golden Egg, Bastard Sword, Red Over-Knee Boots, Silk Lingerie, Free-Spoken Earring, Plucked Heart, Cast Stone, and Alchemickal Hosen

Evil Eye Strategy Vol. 1, and Hydra Tactics are found here.


Simply enter into The Blighted Manse to unlock the achievement "Into the Manse"


  • The Manse is accessible at any time via the front door, if one has a Set of Royal Guard Armor - however to access the sewers a copy of the Manse Key is required.
  • Upon completion of the quest Duchess In Distress the Blighted Manse remains accessible via the back entrance where Aelinore was reunited with Mirabelle
    • The rear entrance will be unlocked whether or not the quest was completed or failed.
  • To obtain the third pawn knowledge star during the quest "Duchess in Distress" the reverse path needs to be taken - back towards the manse.
    • Location knowledge is obtained at each of the three bridges in the sewers area of the manse: the two weak bridges and a third small bridge that pawns may comment is "too narrow".
  • Once the alarm is raised during the quest Duchess In Distress Mystik Knight trained guards will appear - they are the only example of such skill using non-Arisen characters encountered in Gransys. (Julien carries suitable equipment, but does not use such skills.)


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