The Bluemoon Tower is a location in Dragon's Dogma.

A mysterious ruined tower far to the north of Gran Soren. It is the nest of a Griffin, and later the home of an outlaw sorcerer, Salomet.


Dragon's Dogma - The Bluemoon Tower Map Location

Area Map

"Tis written that this tower was built long, long ago, at a lord's behest. No accounts remain of why, however. None know what purpose it served. Some say it was to ward against the wyrm; others, an altar to the old gods." - Pawn

The Bluemoon Tower is located in a distant eastern part of Gransys, far north of the capital. It is visible from most eastern coastal areas.

In order to reach the Bluemoon Tower from Gran Soren, travel north along Conquest Road beyond the Windbluff Tower, passing east of Hillfigure Knoll. Take the right of two choices at a fork in the road (the other leads to the Blighted Manse).

Pass through Windworn Valley, where a heavy wind will impede the Arisen's progress. Here a second left fork leads north to a Travelers' Rest encampment, whilst the route to the tower is along the rightmost fork. Then traverse the Pastona Cavern and Smugglers' Pass to reach the tower.




Random items found scattered around the tower including Light-Cure, Interventive, Dose of Courage, Panacea, and various Coin Pouches. There is an Ore deposit on a lower walkway below the outer ruins which yields rare ores including Fuligin Ore - care should be taken when using indirect mining methods as ore released here has a tendency to drop into the water below.

Upper tower platform


Bluemoon tower, really high up

Upper arcade, above the main area, Bluemoon tower

  • On first visiting the tower consider bringing three Skeleton Keys to open the Smugglers' Pass treasure chests, which are located on the route to the tower.
  • It is a long walk to the Bluemoon Tower. The Travelers' Rest encampment under the Blighted Manse is nearby approximately halfway along the route, and may be useful.
  • The upper arcades of the tower summit (where Harpies roost) is accessible, via a jump from a flying creature such as a Griffin. (may glitch).
  • It is possible to reach the top of the tower early. Facing the main structure from the tower base, take a harpy to the top of the ruined wall closest to the building. Grab the harpy once again and immediately direct it towards the tower. With a bit of luck and practice, the tower is reachable. The enemies that would normally spawn after the defeat of the griffin will appear as the Arisen nears the tower.


  • There are three large man-made structures in Gransys, of obvious non-military use, of which the origins are unknown or uncertain. The other two are The Watergod's Altar, and the Catacombs, which, according to pawns, were built for the water and earth gods respectively. It is possible that the Bluemoon Tower is the third, and it would have been likely to have been built in honour of the air or sky god. The symbolism is obvious: the Bluemoon Tower is decorated with statues of winged beasts, and has an elevated position making access to clear skies easy for those with the ability of flight.

"Mankind does love to build towers.  Tis like they pursue their Maker's own vantage..."

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