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The Bluemoon Tower
Bluemoontower DD
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Griffin's Bane
The Wyrmking's Ring

The Bluemoon Tower is a location in Dragon's Dogma.


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A ruined tower in the eastern area of the map. It is the nest of a Griffin, and later the home of an outlaw.

"'Tis written that this tower was built long, long ago, at a lord's behest. No accounts remain of why, however. None know what purpose it served. Some say it was to ward against the wyrm; others, an altar to the old gods."


Salomet - Confrontation as finale to Wyrmking's Ring quest.

Getting thereEdit

The Bluemoon Tower is located in the most eastern part of the map and it can be seen from most eastern coastal areas. In fact it can be seen off in the distance as soon as one leaves Cassardis; pawns will comment on it. In order to reach the Bluemoon Tower, travel north beyond the Windbluff Towertaking the path that passes the southeastern side of Hillfigure Knoll At a certain point the path will split and one will curve left to go towards the Blighted Manse. The way to Bluemoon Tower is found by taking the right path between two rocks. Snow Harpies will fly through this small corridor. Go through Windworn Valley and a heavy wind will blow, slowing the Arisen's progress. Run through this windy area. At the end will be Pastona Cavern. Be sure to bring at least 3 Skeleton Keys in order to open doors for some of the chests in this area. Bandits, Skeletons, Snow Harpies, falling boulders and a Golem will assault the Arisen along the way. There are also plenty of small Spiders about, which can poison you if not taken care of properly. From Windworn Valley it is a direct path, the Bluemoon Tower is found at the end of this road, at the easternmost point of Gransys, even farther east than Gran Soren itself.

Notes Edit


First Floor

Second Floor

  • Portcrystal - found at the top of the tower in the centre of the two chests.
  • Gryphic Armor - in the left chest at the top of the tower.
  • Assassin's Mask - in the right chest at the top of the tower.
  • Lion-Lord's Helm - in the right chest at the top of the tower.
  • Twisted Leathers - gathered from north armor pile at the top of the tower.
  • Ferrystone - Can be found at the top tower, on the right side of the ruined ledge overlooking the sea
  • Various Coin Pouches
  • Bladeleaf (3) - The Bluemoon tower is the only location where these can be found.

Random items found scattered around the tower


Trivia Edit

  • There are three large man-made structures in Gransys, not of obvious military use, of which the origins are unknown or uncertain. The other two are The Watergod's Altar, and the Catacombs, according to pawns, built for the water and earth gods respectively. It is possible that the Bluemoon Tower is the third, and would likely be in honour of the air or sky god. The symbolism is obvious: the Bluemoon Tower is decorated with statues of winged beasts, and has an elevated position making access to clear skies easy for those with the ability of flight.
  • "Mankind does love to build towers.  Tis like they pursue their Maker's own vantage..."  - Pawn


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