The Centennial Bloom is a DLC quest available in Dragon's Dogma.


"A legendary flower said to blossom but once in a century has been seen in the south. For a collector of such botanical rarities, 'tis a chance I cannot hope to encounter again. The specimen is said to bloom in strong sunlight. I will see the one who finds it is well rewarded."

Acquire a Noonflower


This quest becomes available on the Arsmith's Alehouse notice board after the quest A Warm Welcome.

Noonflower can only be found growing near 'Noonflower Cliff Cave' - obtain one and hand it to Arsmith for a reward of an Aneled Claw.

How to find a Noonflower02:15

How to find a Noonflower

A single running jump with any vocation can reach the Noonflower cliff, which is west of the Tomb of the Unknown Traveler, just above Bloodwater Beach. A Portcrystal has been placed to help visually identify the Noonflower cliff for this video.