The Centennial Bloom is a DLC quest available in Dragon's Dogma.



"A legendary flower said to blossom but once in a century has been seen in the south. For a collector of such botanical rarities, 'tis a chance I cannot hope to encounter again. The specimen is said to bloom in strong sunlight. I will see the one who finds it is well rewarded."

This quest becomes available on the Arsmith's Alehouse notice board after the quest A Warm Welcome.


  • The location of the Noonflower is above an encampment in Bloodwater Beach, and can only be reached by heading up the ledge on the canyon wall opposite said encampment.

Noonflower Map Location

Enter the canyon from Conqueror's Sanctuary, look to the left while heading South. There should be a ledge leading up the Eastern canyon wall. Follow the ledge half way up, and then look over to the West until the encampment can be seen down on the canyon floor. From that perch, a single Noonflower on a ledge opposite of the perch should be visible. Pawns will often make a comment about needing to jump over.
How to find a Noonflower02:15

How to find a Noonflower

A single running jump with any vocation can reach the Noonflower cliff, which is west of the Tomb of the Unknown Traveler, just above Bloodwater Beach. A Portcrystal has been placed to help visually identify the Noonflower cliff for this video.

Once the player has gotten the lone Noonflower, continue around the cliff and jump to another ledge also directly above the encampment. This will lead into a small cave that has a Level 2 chest and some loot around.