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The Conspirators
Quest Overview
Quest Giver
Quest Location
Soulflayer Canyon
After Meeting the Duke
35,000 Gold
18,000 Exp.
35 Rift Crystals

The Conspirators is a quest available in Dragon's Dogma.


Return the Confidential Letter to Fedel.


After a meeting at nightfall with Fedel the Arisen must make his/her way to the Soulflayer Canyon to retrieve a Confidential Letter.


The quest begins by talking to Fedel in the Gathering Hall in The Castle (above the duke's Audience Chamber). It must be completed before the completion of both the quests Trials and Tribulations and Griffin's Bane, otherwise this quest will be cancelled.

Accepting the quest means you have agreed to meet Fedel at nightfall - if it is still early in the day simply sleep at the inn. Make your way back to The Castle and head to the area marked on your map. You may not find Fedel at the prescribed location right away, but he will slowly
(7 ~ 5) Dragon's Dogma ~ The Conspirators Hero Trophy Guide09:01

(7 ~ 5) Dragon's Dogma ~ The Conspirators Hero Trophy Guide

The Conspirators ~ Video Walkthrough

make his way from the castle to the garden area. Just have a little bit of patience.

At the marked area in the Cursewood you will find Fedel's destroyed cart. A brief cutscene will play, showing a gargoyle flying away to the northwest. This is the clue to find the second area, the Soulflayer Canyon.

Reaching the correct ledge in Soulflayer Canyon can be a little tricky. From the west entrance, take a left at the passage fork. After defeating the Cyclops on the bridge, continue straight until you reach a steep grade. Slide down the left side to a landing that you'd miss had you gone right. At the second slide, stay left (the right side will send you sliding to your doom). At the third, stay right. While retrieving the Confidential Letter, make sure to pick up the 10 Parcels lying scattered nearby on the ground - these are required for another quest, Parcel Service, and do not spawn during any other time.

The quest ends when you bring back the Confidential Letter to Fedel, Ser Gabrian, or both (via use of a forgery). Note that this is one way to get the trophy/achievement The Knave, as the forged letter is named differently and does not stack with the original letter. By forging the letter you will be able to obtain the reward for the quest twice, first when you give one to Ser Gabrian, then second when you give one to Fedel.

As you enter The Castle a short cutscene will draw your attention to Ser Gabrian lurking behind a corner to the right of the entrance. Be warned that if you ignore him and deliver the letter to Fedel first, Ser Gabrian will not be there anymore. Similarly, if you do talk to Ser Gabrian but refuse to give him the letter, you will not have a second chance. Therefore if you wish to give it to both of them you must hand one to Ser Gabrian first. This means you need to forge the letter before speaking with either person.

Once you've given Ser Gabrian the letter (or a forged copy of it), the quest will be marked as "Completed" - however, you can still deliver the letter to Fedel. If your current active quest does not involve him then he will have a blue question mark indicator over his head. He may greet you with a complaint that sounds as if the quest was failed, but the "give quest item to NPC" popup should appear, allowing you to turn in the letter and trigger the quest ending as usual.

For those of purer intentions, it would appear that Fedel is correct about signs of a rebellion, whereas Ser Gabrian is trying to prevent news of it from reaching the duke.


  • Forging the letter and handing the Confidential Letter Forgery in to both parties nets you double the reward, with no consequence.
  • Entering the Soulflayer Canyon from the West Entrance that is near the Greatwall is the shortest way to reach the destination.
  • It appears that if you give Fedel the letter without opening or reading it you get a unique dialogue. (360 Dark Arisen: Tested in separate playthroughs with no change in dialogue between forging the letter and giving it directly to Fedel.)


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