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The End at the Beginning
Savan Dragon
"In another place, in another life, another child of man blazes your path..."
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The End at the Beginning is a quest available in Dragon's Dogma.

The End at the Beginning is a prologue to the main story, where the player controls Savan, an Arisen seeking to confront The Dragon.

It is the very first chapter as the player starts a New Game, although it is removed from the Quest Log after completion. The End at the Beginning mostly serves as a Tutorial, for the player to become familiar with combat controls and issuing orders to the Pawns.

This quest is skipped in New Game Plus.


  • The Arisen is destined to defy the Dragon, who terrorizes and destroys the land. With the assistance of his faithful Pawns, Savan has to fight his way through the Wyrm's lair before he would face the fearsome creature.


Pursue the Dragon

  • Confront the Dragon

Quest Successful

  • You've met with the Dragon and the chapter for this story comes to a close


Dragon's Dogma The End At The Beginning12:15

Dragon's Dogma The End At The Beginning

The End at the Beginning ~ Video Walkthrough

The player controls Savan, an Arisen of ages past who enters the lair of the Dragon along with his Main Pawn, Salde. A first tutorial invites the use a lantern, making an introduction to the inventory mechanics. The player is also advised to browse the Pause Menu and give a try to the basic combat moves.

Confront the DragonEdit

The Dragon shows itself, but the two fighters have to go through the wyrm's lair before they can face it. Dispatch a few Goblins first, before reaching a Rift Stone. The Arisen can use this Rift Stone and summon two additional Pawns to fight at Savan's side: Quince, the Strider and Morganna, the Mage. Afterwards, a quick display on how to issue orders to the Arisen's Pawns is shown.

The End at the Beginning SS1

Proceeding through the dungeon, another band of goblins will be faced. Upon reaching a corridor afterward, a short cutscene foreshadows the confrontation versus a Chimera that will close the prologue. In the next room, the Arisen is attacked by a group of harpies. After this fight, Savan will meet Ser Palotti who came to assist the him along with two other knights. Their support is very short-lived, however, as a Chimera pounces on one of the knights from the shadows and rips them to shreds. This battle is the final confrontation and acts as the
final stage of this tutorial.

Quest SuccessfulEdit

Once the Chimera is successfully defeated, a cutscene will play and will conclude the tutorial quest. The player is then brought to the Character Creation menu where they are able to create and customize their own Arisen and embark on their journey.


The End at the Beginning SS2
  • Dying to the Chimera at the end will finish the Prologue automatically. The game treats the player as if they've beaten the enemy and will still go to the Character Creation screen.
  • This area is revisited later in the game, most of the monsters are replaced with much stronger versions of the Prologue ones.
  • The Prologue is the last part of Savan's quest continuing on from the Dragon's Dogma Digital Comic.
  • Below is the quote shown at the beginning of the quest:

A vast army formed to slay a dragon, the ultimate
incarnation of evil. But against such fearsome
resistance, the army was crushed.

The people's hopes fell upon a chosen one,
and with those who followed this gifted soul...

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