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The Everfall
Location Info
Lure of the Abyss / Fathom Deep

The Everfall is a location in Dragon's Dogma.


A ruin that lies beneath Gran Soren, accessed via the Pawn Guild. It is the domain of the Ur-Dragon.

"As the owner of the Gran Soren Union Inn, I've studied the ruins that lie beneath our capital extensively. Many pawns are familiar with the place, and insist it holds a deeper meaning. It's said that a terrible disaster will occur if anyone other than the Arisen enters the Everfall. However, not many would want to, what with the hordes of monsters prowling the ruins. Anyone wanting to learn more had best take plenty of precautions and someone handy with a sword. Many believe that the Everfall goes deeper and contains more mysteries than anywhere else in our known world."

Initially you can only explore a small part of the Everfall during the Main Quest: Lure of the Abyss. This initial version contains Undead, Skeletons, Skeleton Mages, an Ogre, Giant Bats and after a certain part of the quest, infinitely respawning Tentacles that you must escape from.

The Everfall in its entirety is only accessible after you have defeated The Dragon from the Main Quest line, and returned to Gran Soren afterwards.

Using the Right Trigger will allow the Arisen to grab the ledge as it goes by, or the Arisen can maneuver over the selected platform and take a small amount of damage by splatting onto its surface. The cutscene showing the Arisen climbing up onto the ledge can be cut short by pressing the start button.  

It consists of several floors, each accessible from jumping from one to the other. When you reach the bottom, you are automatically teleported over Gran Soren and continue your fall.

Architecture (Post-Dragon)Edit


  • This map is considered if you jump from the gaping hole in Gran Soren.
Floor Chamber Enemies and NPCs Bosses
1 N/A  
2 Chamber of Anxiety

Chamber of Anxiety


Wight (summons):

3 Chamber of Absence

Chamber of Absence

4 Chamber of Hesitation

Chamber of Hesitation

Saurian Sages (x10)


5 Chamber of Apprehension

Chamber of Apprehension

Group A

Group B

6 Chamber of Remorse

Chamber of Remorse

Ground Floor

1st Floor

7 Chamber of Tragedy

Chamber of Tragedy

8 Chamber of Lament

Chamber of Lament


The Ur-Dragon

  • Random Corrupted Pawns (x3, drawn from player-created pawns if online)
9 Chamber of Fate

Chamber of Fate

Group A:

Group B:

10 Chamber of Distress

Chamber of Distress

11 Chamber of Estrangement

Chamber of Estrangement

Group A:

Group B:

12 Chamber of Woe

Chamber of Woe


Lich (summons)

13 Chamber of Sorrow

Chamber of Sorrow

Evil Eye
14 Chamber of Resolution

Chamber of Resolution

15 Chamber of Inspiration

Chamber of Inspiration

16 Chamber of Hope

Chamber of Hope

  • There is also a Chamber of Confusion; however it is only available during the Main Quest. The first time entering the Everfall, all of the floors will direct the player to the Chamber of Confusion. In it, will be an Evil Eye. Once it is defeated, the remaining chambers of The Everfall will be open to explore.


See chamber list above.

In the Everfall, all monsters have a high drop rate of Wakestone Shards and Wakestones; bosses will always drop at least two Wakestones when defeated.

Everfall Rare LootEdit

Almost all chests stationed within Everfall chambers contain some of the rarest equipment (among other items) in the game. The chances of obtaining are extremely low (between 7% and 2%); most pieces of equipment are located to specific chests in specific chambers.

In addition, both NPCs Joye, in the Chamber of Remorse, and Delec, in the Chamber of Estrangement, offer some of the best in-game equipment for purchase. Some equipment found in the chests will be automatically added to their inventory for the player to purchase.

This guide details what items can be found within each chest, as well as their chances of obtainment.


Notes & TipsEdit

  • The infinitely respawning tentacles encountered in the quest "Lure of the Abyss" belong to the Evil Eye the Arisen later encounters in the Chamber of Confusion. The tentacles are appendages of a much larger creature, so dispatching them does not yield any experience of discipline, though they drop Malecrysts and shards occasionally.
  • You can enter the Everfall from either the entrance in the Pawn Guild or by jumping into the gaping hole in Gran Soren.
  • Boss Monsters respawn every three days,  which is the same rate as chests.
  • Fall damage in the Everfall does not affect the same way as everywhere else. You sustain the same amount of damage no matter how much you fall. However, you can prevent fall damage from jumping from one chamber to the next by pressing grab before you hit the floor. A small cutscene will appear in which you barely manage to grab on the ledge with no damage whatsoever.
  • Due the high drop rate of Wakestone Shards and Wakestones in the Everfall, farming them and selling is a good way to make quick money, as each complete Wakestone sells for 30,000 gold (without the Sorcerer's Augment, Suasion).
  • Some Chambers, like the Chamber of Hope, are often used for loot farming using the Godsbane.

Pawn Status Travel KnowledgeEdit

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