The Everfall (Pre-Dragon) is a location in Dragon's Dogma. The Everfall is a location beneath Gran Soren, roughly its Urban Quarter and the Union Inn.

During the Post-Game the structure of the Everfall is substantially altered by cataclysmic events. For more information see The Everfall (Post-Dragon)


"As the owner of the Gran Soren Union Inn, I've studied the ruins that lie beneath our capital extensively. Many pawns are familiar with the place, and insist it holds a deeper meaning. It's said that a terrible disaster will occur if anyone other than the Arisen enters the Everfall. However, not many would want to, what with the hordes of monsters prowling the ruins. Anyone wanting to learn more had best take plenty of precautions and someone handy with a sword. Many believe that the Everfall goes deeper and contains more mysteries than anywhere else in our known world."

A ruin that lies beneath Gran Soren, accessed via the Pawn Guild.

The Everfall consists of a spiralling outer path leading downwards towards the Flameservant's Throne, with side rooms and a number of metal gates controlling movement through the location. As of Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen, a Portcrystal can be found in the center of the Flameservant's Throne.

A northern side passage from the Flameservant's Throne leads via a right turn to a tomb area: the Ceremonial Cage with a treasure area beyond requiring the Ceremonial Cage Lever to open.

Creatures likely to be encountered in the area include Undead, Undead Warriors, Skeletons, Skeleton Mages, an Ogre, Giant Bats, Spiders and Harpies, as well as Tentacles, which originate from a multidimensional being.




Pawn Status Travel Knowledge

  • Operating the northern most gate lever in Fourth Level Underground grants Everfall Travel knowledge. The lever is located at the top of the chamber populated by Skeleton Mages and Harpies. Alternatively, knowledge may be granted at first gate encountered.

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