"And now again, the choice is yours, Arisen."
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The Final Battle is a quest available in Dragon's Dogma.

In this quest the Arisen finally must face and defeat the great Dragon, Grigori, at The Tainted Mountain Temple, and on The Tainted Mountain itself. Doing so grants unique Dragon weapons, the Godsbane, and ends the main quest - beginning the cataclysmic events of the finale of the game.


The quest begins after the events of the quest Deny Salvation - after destroying the Salvation leader the Dragon taunts the Arisen to face him atop The Tainted Mountain.

Onward to the Dragon

Pawns will suggest visiting the Dragonforged at Hillfigure Knoll - this optional visit grants the Arisen further advice, a Dragonleather Vest, and the knowledge scroll Draconian Strategy Vol. 1.

Before returning to the Greatwall Encampment and entering The Tainted Mountain Temple, prepare for this epic battle. Bring health and stamina curatives, select skills and augments, and choose weapons and equipment.

Once prepared and within the Greatwall castle go straight ahead to the cell door leading downstairs to the Tainted Mountain. The staircase leading to upper areas will have been destroyed and no longer accessible.

Getting to the Tainted Mountain

Dragon's Dogma Dark Arisen The Final Battle36:32

Dragon's Dogma Dark Arisen The Final Battle

Final Battle quest (start to end, Assassin, no pawns)

Upon entering The Tainted Mountain Temple, it may seem familiar. This is the same area the previous Arisen, Savan, fought the Chimera in the prologue quest The End at the Beginning.

Here new enemies are found, firstly on the 'Path to Dragon's Domain' are Geo Saurians who are far more resilient than regular Saurians, then flying Succubi, capable of inflicting Curse. Move onward through the tunnels to a pillared 'Temple Antechamber' with more Saurians. Here are several chests with new weapons or armor, and scattered curatives and gold.

Leaving the pillared room leads through passages to a large chamber with upper balcony - here you will encounter fire breathing Hellhounds and three more Succubi.

Beyond this chamber a Spider infested passage leads to a the 'Grand Hall', guarded by a Gorechimera, a more powerful type of the Chimera species. Defeat the Gorechimera and then stand on each of the four pressure plates around the room to open the great door. Beyond the door is the The Dragon, Grigori.

The Battle with the Dragon

After entering the Dragon's Lair, there will be a monologue where the Dragon will give the Arisen an offer: Face him in battle or sacrifice the Arisen's Beloved.

Choose battle to save the Beloved, and face the Dragon. Battle is also initiated if the Arisen pre-emptively attacks the Dragon.

The first part of the final battle with the Dragon involves escaping the temple, whilst the Dragon attempts to kill the Arisen, destroying the structure of the temple in the process - run from the Dragon as it pursues through a corridor, and then in the next large chamber inflict damage by striking his heart- which will expose it. The Dragon will then fly off, and the Arisen must now pursue him. (Here a chest in the hall contains Molten Boots.)

The party now leaves the Temple and enters ruins of a great city, on the slopes of The Tainted Mountain. The pursuit takes place on a high bridges in the open leading to watchtowers. (On exiting the temple there is a Ring of Argent in a chest to the right side of the bridge).

Once the Arisen starts to towards the first tower the Dragon will attack again, collapsing the bridges in the process. Run with to the first tower, and take temporary refuge there before traversing a second bridge to face the Dragon. (In the tower are chests containing a Flame Skirt and another with Dragon Hide Bracers.)

Now traverse a second set of elevated bridge-walkways to the second tower - within is a chest containing a Stalwart Earring, and atop the tower are two further chests containing a Dragon Band and Champion's Bangles.

At the top of the tower the fight with the Dragon is resumed. Either Arisen or pawns must mount a ballista and fire a bolt at the Dragon's heart. The Dragon will strafe the tower and the Arisen manage to affix themselves on the Dragon's back.

Journey to the mountain summit

Dragon ride

Hang on!

Following the Arisen miraculously grabbing onto the Dragon's tail at the tower, the Dragon will fly with great speed towards its nest on the Tainted Mountain summit. Climb forward, against the rush of wind toward the glowing "heart" on its back. Avoid being thrown off during quicktime events by rotating the L-stick rapidly.

After striking the heart, the Dragon will be felled from flight and fall to the ground, together with the Arisen (another quicktime event requires the Arisen to avoid being eaten). The final showdown with the Dragon then commences on the Tainted Mountain summit - a circular crater like battlefield. Here are several minor items to be gathered including a Noble Earring near to the start position on the ground. Other items include a Harmonious Earring, a Golden Belt, and an Exuberant Earring.

Fight and defeat the Dragon. (Refer to the page Grigori for tactics and other details.) In general the Dragon's heart is his primary weakness. The organ must be exposed and attacked to inflict significant damage; the Dragon is weak to Dark, not Ice or Holy. Grigori may fly away and attack from out of range - ballistae located around the rim of the battlefield can be used to bring him to the ground once more. Pawns may reduce the Dragon's health to 1 HP, but only the Arisen can strike the final blow.


Base rewards of 65,000 Gold, 80,000 Exp, 60 Rift Crystals, Godsbane, and Crimson Dragon Scale; in addition all the Arisen's equipped weapons and armour will be dragonforged. In addition one or two unique Dragon weapons will be rewarded based on the player's vocation, and current equipment: either

Dragon's Dogma (Sword)
Dragon's Toll (Mace)
Dragon's Bite (Longsword)
Dragon's Repast (Warhammer)
Dragon's Vein (Daggers)
Dragon's Nous (Staff)
Dragon's Wit (Archistaff)
Dragon's Aegis (Shield)
Dragon's Faith (Magick Shield)
Dragon's Rancor (Bow)
Dragon's Blink (Longbow)
Dragon's Breath (Magick Bow)

On defeating the Dragon the Arisen's heart scar will be mended - the story then continues with the Arisen awakening in their house in Cassardis. The story continues as part of the quest A Warm Welcome.

Preparation and considerations

  • The checkpoint for the final battle with the Dragon is the chimera guarded door beyond the Grand Hall - prior to passing the door the party can enter and leave the Tainted without affecting the questline - enemies may respawn if enough time passes.
  • Once past the door, the final battle is initiated and return is not possible.
  • The enemies in the Tainted Mountain Temple are weak to Holy and Ice.
  • The Dragon is vulnerable to Dark, and as he is a large enemy, consider preparing with skills and equipment that aid climbing.
  • Everything the Arisen is wearing/wielding will be Dragonforged on defeating the Dragon, so anything for which Dragon Forging is particularly desired should be equipped prior to landing the final blow.
  • Complete any unfinished quests (except perhaps those for killing specified numbers of monsters) before facing the Dragon. Particular attention should be given to any quests that require the Arisen to go to the Duke's Demesne, e.g. rescue the gardener in An Innocent Man, as access to that location will be compromised after killing Grigori.
  • At the top of the round tower in the temple, Pawns can fire the ballistae and hit the Dragon's heart, so open the chests as soon as possible if the items within are desired. The pawns are not very good at hitting the target, so this is a good moment to double check one's hotkey assignments and other preparations for one last time. When all chests are looted and all preparations confirmed, the Arisen should then mount the fourth ballista, assuming the pawns have not yet hit the dragon's heart and triggered the next transition.


The Tainted Mountain Temple contains many chests with useful weapons and equipment. (For full details see The Tainted Mountain Temple.)

Once the Dragon has been encountered the only way to progress is forward, and due to rockfall this part of the quest represents a one off opportunity to visit and obtain items from the Tainted Mountain; in the final chamber of the temple a chest which holds Molten Boots; beyond the chamber the route leads out into The Tainted Mountain where six chests along the route contain:

The Tainted Mountain peak contains some scatted curatives including Harspud Sauce and Liquid Vim, gather spots or chests here may also yield :


The Final Battle (quest walkthrough with Maker's Finger Speed Run technique)19:26

The Final Battle (quest walkthrough with Maker's Finger Speed Run technique)

(Speedrun) Demonstration of the use of a Maker's Finger at the initial confrontation with Grigori.

  • If the beloved is sacrificed to the Dragon the game will end with the Arisen as a lord of Gransys - this unlocks the Solitude Achievement/Trophy.
  • The Dragon can be killed with a Maker's Finger at the first encounter in the temple - however all cutscenes will be skipped and pawns will not learn bestiary knowledge of The Dragon nor quest knowledge of The Final Battle. Rare equipment found further on (Dragon Band, Flame Skirt, Dragon Hide Bracers, and Champion's Bangles) will also be missed.
  • For strategies to ensure the specific person is captured by the Dragon, see Beloved.
  • In early conceptions of the history and geography of Gransys the final battle was to take place on a separate 'Dragon Isle' to
  • At the Tainted Mountain Peak, at the initial 'landing' point a gather spot a very short distance towards the Dragon always yields a useful earring.
  • It is not necessary to defeat the Gore-Chimera to proceed - an alternative is to taunt the beast onto each of the pressure plates using its own weight to unlock the door - the giant door will open irrespective of whether or not the Gorechimera lives.


  • ps329px-Icon ps3xbox36020px-Icon xbox360With the introduction of Dark Arisen, it seems if the player leaves The Tainted Mountain and quits the game after having activated at least one pressure plate but has not opened the door, it will become impossible to subsequently open the door and continue the game.

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