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"And now again, the choice is yours, Arisen."
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The Final Battle
The Almighty Grigori
Quest Overview
Quest Giver
Received right after the conclusion of Deny Salvation
Quest Location
The Tainted Mountain
Deny Salvation
Next Quest
A Warm Welcome
65,000 G

80,000 Exp
60 RC

Please see rewards section for more information.
Main Quest

The Final Battle is a quest available in Dragon's Dogma.


This is the final quest of the main storyline, in which the player faces The Dragon. This quest will activate upon defeating the two Wights during Deny Salvation. A cutscene will play, showcasing The Dragon taunting the Arisen to face him atop The Tainted Mountain.

Onward to the DragonEdit

Dragon's Dogma SPECIAL - Live Streamed Grigori Battle Part 116:18

Dragon's Dogma SPECIAL - Live Streamed Grigori Battle Part 1

Walkthrough Part 1

Dragon's Dogma SPECIAL - Live Streamed Grigori Battle Part 221:08

Dragon's Dogma SPECIAL - Live Streamed Grigori Battle Part 2

Part 2

  • The Tainted Mountain Temple is located behind a door inside the castle (which lies in ruin) at the Greatwall Encampment. You will notice upon entering the castle that you cannot use the stairs any longer, your only option being traversing through a narrow hallway. This will take you to the Tainted Mountain.
  • Take Caution: come prepared. Within the Tainted Mountain, before fighting The Dragon, you will encounter various new and dangerous creatures. Stock up on curatives for yourself and your pawns. You will most likely require many Stamina curatives, as well.

Getting to the TopEdit

  • Upon entering The Tainted Mountain, you'll notice this is the location at which you started the game and fought as Savan. However, the monsters here are much more powerful than before.
  • When you walk across the ledge, you will encounter Geo Saurians. They have much more health than the Saurians previously encountered throughout the Arisen's journeys, and take more time to defeat.
  • After entering the cave with the Rift Stone, you will come across several Succubus. They are a tougher version of Harpies. They can curse or blind you, and fight more voraciously, yet have a weakness to fire and holy attacks.
  • Going farther into the cave, you will encounter more Succubi and Geo Saurians. After defeating these foes, you will encounter your first Hellhound. They behave similarly to wolves, but are more resilient and have a fireball attack. These Hellhounds are very weak to ice. (This fight may be difficult, as the Hellhounds below the ledge can make their way up to the platform on which the Harpies attack you. Since the creatures are weak to opposite elements, plan accordingly.)
  • As you progress farther into the caverns, you will come to the Grand Hall, in which a Gorechimera awaits you. The tactics that should be employed for this beast are similar to that which you would use on a normal Chimera. However, keep in mind the Gorechimera has more health and can inflict severe debilitations. Its weaknesses are both ice (150% damage taken) and holy (120% damage taken).
  • After defeating the Gorechimera, stand with your pawns on the pressure plates scattered about the room to open the door. Once all pressure plates have been activated, you will finally face The Dragon, Grigori.

For detailed information and tactics, see the page on Gorechimeras.

The Battle with the DragonEdit

  • After entering the Dragon's Lair, there will be a monologue where the Dragon will give the Arisen an offer: Face him in battle or sacrifice your most beloved.


Content Contains Spoilers! Highlight the box below to read.

If you chose to sacrifice your love, there will be a cutscene where you sit on the throne as Duke all alone. You can Retry afterwards and try to fight the Dragon. This also awards the Solitude Achievement/Trophy
  • The first part of your final battle with the Dragon involves escaping him. He will first try to collapse the temple on top of the Arisen and their pawns, and will give chase into the next room. If you fail to flee Grigori, you will die instantly.
  • After entering the next room unharmed, you must damage him by striking his heart. The Dragon will then fly off, and you must commence the chase.
  • The Dragon then tries to collapse the bridge you are crossing. Avoid the Dragon's fire breath by running as quickly as possible. Your Pawns will mostly be ahead of you, but it is possible that they will die. Aid your Pawn as soon as you can, for there is no Rift Stone that will be made available to you during this long fight.
  • There is a moment of respite when inside a tower. Take your time to recover Stamina and collect rare treasure.
  • On top of the second tower you enter, there will be some ballistae. Fire a bolt at the Dragon, and a scene will play where the Dragon strikes the tower and destroys it.
  • Afterwards, you will then be on the tail of the Dragon. Climb further towards the glowing energy ahead. Occasionally, you will have to use L-stick to keep a hold on Grigori. If you fail, you will fall off and have to try again.
  • After striking the energy, the final showdown commences and you both will land in a wide open area.
  • The Dragon's heart is its main weakness. The organ must be exposed and attacked to inflict significant damage.
  • If The Dragon decides to fly away and attack from out of range, ballistae located around the rim of the battlefield can be used to ground it once more, but you must hit his heart for him to fall.
  • The Dragon cannot be defeated unless the final blow is landed on its heart by the Arisen.
  • Do not be mislead. The Dragon is weak to dark, not ice, therefore it is wise to have a mage or sorcerer in the party who can enchant your physical weapons with darkness, and use attacks such as High Maelstrom, which you will find does impressive damage.
  • Melee Vocations can latch onto the Dragon and attack the heart, using Conqueror's Periapts and similar items to boost their strength. If you wish to utilize this tactic, be sure to keep a reserve of Stamina restoring curatives, which will allow you to cling to Grigori for as long as possible. (Items such as Liquid Vim and Kept Sour Ambrosial Meat are extremely helpful.) It's easiest to climb up from the Dragon's two back legs, seeing as he does not attack with them. Also, be careful when you position yourself at his heart, because he will attempt to pluck you off and slam you into the ground, which deals a good amount of damage.
  • During the Dragon's dive in which he breathes fire, it is possible to latch on to him as he nears the ground (though it requires impeccable timing). Upon successfully grabbing hold of him, Grigori will stop in mid-air at a high elevation and remain suspended until you fall off (which leads to your death) or you climb and strike his heart (which will cause him to collapse to the ground: you will land safely).
  • If you have enough funds and want the battle to be quicker and easier, you can kill Grigori in one hit to his heart with a Maker's Finger arrow. You will be able to see all cutscenes as well as the credits. [Confirmed]

For detailed information and tactics, refer to The Dragon page.



  • You can unlock the Solitude Achievement/Trophy by sacrificing your beloved. However, the game decides this is not the canonical ending, and asks you to retry once you unlock the achievement. Therefore, you can unlock the achievement and then reload to fight the Dragon. You must fight and defeat the Dragon in order to participate in post-game content. [Confirmed]
  • The monsters in The Tainted Mountain are difficult. Stock up on curatives before braving the depths of the mountain. You have been forewarned!
  • While in the big arena where you have to finally defeat The Dragon, there are several chests and areas you can gather from. These gathering spots have been known to yield armor and weapons. (The gathering spots look like piles of rubble and armor bits, with a sword thrust into the ground amidst the debris.)
  • You can defeat the Dragon early on when responding to his onslaught. If you accomplish this, then you will not have to run up into the arena, climb his back, etc. However, you will be unable to obtain the Dragon Band, Flame Skirt, Dragon Hide Bracers, and Champion's Bangles. If you have killed Grigori before you have reached the final arena, the game dumps you straight into the cutscene where you run to your beloved. Your items will be Dragonforged, but you will be unable to pick up any loot.

Love InterestsEdit

  • Grigori kidnaps your love interest once you complete the quest; Deny Salvation, and The Final Battle activates. There are strategies on how to ensure you end up with the character you want, such as lowering affinities prior to Deny Salvation. (Remember: The last person with whom you have yielded the maximum affinity will be the Arisen's "beloved".)
  • Note that the Arisen's Bond only maxes out the affinity of the person you gift it to, therefore it does not lock in a love interest, as it is quite easy to get other maxes, especially those with multiple quests that affect their affinity (Selene, Quina, Mercedes, Madeleine, Aelinore, Fournival).


  • ps329px-Icon ps3xbox36020px-Icon xbox360 With the introduction of Dark Arisen, it seems if the player leaves The Tainted Mountain and quits the game after having activated at least one pressure plate but has not opened the door, it will become impossible to subsequently open the door and continue the game. [Needs confirmation.]

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