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"And now again, the choice is yours, Arisen."
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The Great Hereafter is a quest available in Dragon's Dogma.


You have become the new Seneschal, keeper of the world. The Seneschal's Chamber shall be your home for eternity. It is the fate of the Arisen to dwell within these Chambers forever and always.

Having despatched the previous Seneschal, the Arisen and Main pawn now reside inside the Seneschal's Chamber.

Sitting upon the throne will return the Arisen to Gransys.

However, the areas a player may travel are limited to Cassardis and Gran Soren.
The Great Hereafter (quest walkthrough)15:33

The Great Hereafter (quest walkthrough)

SPOILER ALERT ! This is the final end game sequence leading up to New Game Plus. The final two vs two fight is randomly selected when playing "online". Select "Load Game" in the main menu to begin New Game Plus.

Interaction within these areas is also greatly limited. During these times, only the Arisen will enter the towns invisibly as a ghostly figure.

While as the Seneschal, the player can only kill people and use wakestones to revive the dead.

Any items the player had before arriving in the Seneschal's Chamber will remain in inventory but are unusable.

The Godsbane blade is the player's only option to end this quest.

Equip the Godsbane and pierce the Arisen to complete the game. After using the blade, the Arisen drops to the ground, dead - the cycle is ended... [this is also the moment The Hero achievement will unlock if the player completed every non-Notice Board Quest in the game].

Fate of the Pawn (epilogue)Edit

After using the Godsbane to end their existence the Arisen drops to the floor of the Seneschal's chamber, dead. A portal opens and together the Arisen and Pawn fall through the sky towards Gransys.

The Great Hereafter Cassardis

The Seneschal overlooks Cassardis

Both fall into the ocean - the Arisen somewhere out to sea, the pawn near the shoreline of Cassardis. They wake up in the body of the former Arisen, calling out their master's name, then a look of confusion takes hold as they realize their body has changed.

One close to the Arisen appears on the beach, and together they walk away from the shoreline.

...the end credits roll...

[At the end of the credits the player will unlock the Closure Achievement if this is the first playthrough.]



You feel an odd pride as you plunge the Godsbane into your chest, as if claiming a great victory. .. Finally, there is the end of your tale -- one penned by your own hand, no less. As your consciousness fades into the black, you feel a peculiar sensation on your lips: you are smiling.
.. Cleansed by the surf, a body washes ashore on a deserted beach. Nameless, this soul awakens, eyes gleaming with the will to live, and for all things worth living for.

Final speeches
"You're... like me. Aren't you? As my grandmother gave me life, he/she gave you yours... They gave us death, and with it true life... This is the world he/she wanted for us."


"You're not... your face is his/hers but you're not... No, but he's/she's here now. Still, I... I'm sure of it."


"So...Is it over? I don't know what you were wrapped up in, but it must have been something grand. And the world is a different place for it...Though I'm sure we'll still manage brilliantly, you and I."


"Thank you. I'd given up hope of seeing you again. In any form! It's clear forces beyond my ken are at work here...But I'll ask no questions, not today."


"It is you...Isn't it? Of course it is. I'm sorry. You just seemed...changed. But I suppose it isn't you who's different. It's everything else, and you who changed it..."


  • The transmutation of the pawn into one like in appearance to their master, the Arisen, is sometimes known as the Bestowal of Spirit.
  • The character meeting the fallen pawn on the beach is the most recently spoken to person with high affinity - it is not necessarily the Arisen's beloved, the one rescued from the Dragon.
    • The final dialogue is one of the few in the game where the Arisen's gender is referenced.
  • After completing the game for the first time New Game Plus is unlocked.
    • In addition to ending the main quest, all Bitterblack Isle quests and progress are also ended by completing The Great Hereafter.

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