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The Great Hereafter
The Great Hereafter
Quest Overview
Quest Giver
Starts Automatically
Quest Location
Seneschal's Chamber
Main Quest

The Great Hereafter is a quest available in Dragon's Dogma.


You have become the new Seneschal, keeper of the world. The Seneschal's Chamber shall be your home for eternity. It is the fate of the Arisen to dwell within these Chambers forever and always.


The Great Hereafter

The "Maker" watching over people.

During this quest, the Arisen and Main pawn reside inside the Seneschal's Chamber. Sitting upon the throne will return the Arisen to Gransys. However, the areas a player may travel are limited to Cassardis and Gran Soren. Interaction within these areas is also greatly limited. During these times, only the Arisen will enter the towns invisibly as a ghostly figure. While as the Seneschal, the player can only kill people and use wakestones to revive the dead. Any items the player had before arriving in the Seneschal's Chamber will remain in inventory but are unusable. The Godsbane is the player's only option to end this quest. Equip the Godsbane and pierce the Arisen to unlock the option New Game Plus and complete the quest.

The only way to get the quest to complete is to use the Godsbane while in the Seneschal's Chamber. You cannot use the Godsbane during this quest unless you are in the Seneschal's chamber.

After using the blade, your character's HP will drop to 0 and you will be updated that the quest is complete, before the final cutscene plays and the credits roll.

Fate of the Arisen - Speculation (Final Cutscene)Edit

While falling from the sky, the Main Pawn calls after the Arisen, ultimately crashing into the ocean. The Arisen awakes on the shoreline of Cassardis, but calls out for themself in the voice of the Main Pawn, leading one to assume that the Main Pawn now possesses the Arisen's body, and the Arisen has died. The Arisen's Beloved appears, happy to find the Arisen safe and sound, while the Possessed-Arisen doesn't say a word in defiance, only giving a bewildered look at their predicament. Keeping silent, the Possessed-Arisen and the Arisen's Beloved walk away from the shoreline, and the credits roll.

If Selene's mission "witch hunt" is completed and she is your love interest she will state the following.

"You're... like me. Aren't you? As my grandmother gave me life, he/she gave you yours... They gave us death, and with it true life... This is the world he/she wanted for us."

-If you complete the game with Quina as the love interest, she'll be happy that you are alive, then sad when she notices the pawn looking like your character, but not him/her.

"You're not... your face is his/hers, but you're not... No, but he/she's here now. Still, I... I'm sure of it."

Loading Screen Before the CreditsEdit

The message is shown on the loading screen right after the Beach Scene and before the credits.

You feel an odd pride as you plunge the Godsbane into your chest, as if claiming a great victory.

Finally, there is the end of your tale -- one penned by your own hand, no less. As your consciousness fades

into the black, you feel a peculiar sensation on your lips: you are smiling.

Cleansed by the surf, a body washes ashore on a deserted beach. Nameless, this soul awakens, eyes gleaming

with the will to live, and for all things worth living for.


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