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The Greatwall
Greatwall Encampment
Location Info
Deny Salvation
The Final Battle

The Greatwall is a location in Dragon's Dogma.

The Greatwall is a quest based location and will only open when the prerequisites are met. Near end-game the Duke will give you a quest to go to the Greatwall. The events of this are covered by the quest Reward and Responsibility and Deny Salvation.

Area Entrances and LocationsEdit

  1. To Barta Crags
  2. Destructible Wall
  3. Locked Gate

    Layout of The Greatwall.

  4. Stairs down to The Greatwall: First Level Underground
  5. Stairs up to The Greatwall: Second Floor
  6. Stairs up to The Greatwall: Second Floor
  7. Stairs up to The Greatwall: First Floor
  8. Barred Gate
  9. Barred Gate
  10. Stairs down to The Greatwall: First Floor
  11. Stairs down to The Greatwall: First Floor
  12. Barred Gate
  13. Ballista
  14. Locked Gate
  15. Destructible Wall
  16. Stairs up to The Greatwall: Third Floor
  17. Stairs down to The Greatwall: Second Floor
  18. Locked gate
  19. To the Tainted Mountain Temple
  20. Before the Greatwall Gate

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Items Found Inside The GreatwallEdit

- Reference the image above to locate these chests and items.

A Loot Chance
Silver Chestplate 40%
Rex Lion Padding 25%
Chimeric Sabatons 25%
Meloirean Greaves 10%
B Loot Chance
Jade Bangles 50%
Chimeric Gauntlets 25%
Red Over-Knee Boots 20%
Meloirean Armguard 5%
C Loot Chance
Thousand Stings 15%
Orilux Shield 15%
Veteran's Arc 15%
Steel Cuirass 5%
Plated Coat 30%
Chimeric Half Plate 20%
D Loot Chance
Giant Coin Pouch 35%
Foreign Medicament 25%
Purifying Brew 20%
Liquid Vim 10%
E Loot Chance
Giant Coin Pouch 50%
Hydra Strategy Vol. 2 30%
Nimble Cuisses 7%
Clerical Cap 7%
Crowned Hood 6%
F Loot Chance
Faithful Earring 100%
G Loot Chance
Master's Bracers 30%
Scarlet Hand Covers 30%
Animistic Robe 30%
Leather Ocreae 10%
H Loot Chance
Ring of Sable 10%
Free-Spoken Earring 30%
Sight Earring 30%
Gryphic Cloak 30%
I Loot Chance
Salubrious Brew 35%
Assassin's Breeches 7%
Lion-Lord's Helm 7%
Chimeric Armet 6%
Undead Strategy Vol. 2 24%
Brown Laced Leggings 20%
Gryphic Victory 1%
J Loot Chance
Ardent Will 18%
Algid Bloom 18%
Kunai 15%
Gimble Gyre 18%
Rooted Gloom 18%
Alchemickal Bangles 10%
Stagnant Surge 3%
    • These items are founds in chests scattered throughout the inside of The Greatwall Encampment.

Foraged ItemsEdit

These are items you can find growing or randomly place in the wilderness. Some of these items are found inside the Greatwall, whereas, others are found outside and around.

Category Name
Grass Mithridate
Flowers Sunbright*





Avernal Mushrooms

Large Mushrooms

Polar Mushrooms

  • Only found from 5am to 8pm


This area is not accessible until the Reward and Responsibility quest.

Spoiler Alert!Edit


-Spoilers Start Now:

When you return to this castle outside of Deny Salvation, there is little to be done here. A rear exit, at the northern end of the first floor, is actually a way into the Tainted Mountain. That is where you eventually confront the Dragon. Unless you're feeling really lucky, don't go there. Your party should be on very high level before doing so. Also, finish all of your existing quests before confronting the Dragon.



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