The Greatwall is a location in Dragon's Dogma.

The Greatwall is a fortification in western Gransys controlling access to the western part of the Island, and high mountain region inbetween.


The Greatwall castle itself is a three level fortified tower accessed via two gated courtyards. The main outer gate leads to the Greatwall Encampment which is a palisaded encampment outside the entrance to the castle. Both lie on high ground on the northeastern side of the nortwestern part of the Barta Crags region of Gransys.

Access to the Greatwall castle is given by permission of the Duke. The Duke will allow the Arisen access to put down a hostile takeover of the castle by the cultist group Salvation during the quest Deny Salvation.

The Greatwall castle also gives access to the The Tainted Mountain Temple.



During Deny Salvation

At other times the castle and keep is manned by Gransys soldiers.


Forageable items in the surrounds of the castle include: Mithridate, Sunbright (during the day), Apple, Berry, Mushroom, Avernal Mushrooms, Large Mushrooms, and Polar Mushrooms.


Chest Likely contents
Underground rooms side chamber

Silver Chestplate (40%) or Rex Lion Padding (25%) or Chimeric Sabatons (25%) or Meloirean Greaves (10%)

Main stairs side passage room Jade Bangles (50%) or Chimeric Gauntlets (25%) or Red Over-Knee Boots (20%) or Meloirean Armguard (5%)
Main stairs side passage room Thousand Stings (15%) or Orilux Shield (15%) or Veteran's Arc (15%) or

Steel Cuirass (5%) or Plated Coat (30%) or Chimeric Half Plate (20%)

Graveyard in outer courtyard Giant Coin Pouch (35%) or Foreign Medicament (25%) or Purifying Brew (20%) or Liquid Vim (10%)
Beyond gate leading to the Tainted Mountain Giant Coin Pouch (50%) or Hydra Strategy Vol. 2 (30%) or Nimble Cuisses (7%) or Clerical Cap (7%) or Crowned Hood (6%)
Main stairs side passage room Faithful Earring (100%)
Second floor anteroom before main chamber Master's Bracers (30%) or Scarlet Hand Covers (30%) or Animistic Robe (30%) or Leather Ocreae (10%)
Second floor anteroom before main chamber Ring of Sable (10%) or Free-Spoken Earring (30%) or Sight Earring (30%) or Gryphic Cloak 30%)
Greatwall keep rooftop Salubrious Brew (35%) or Assassin's Breeches (7%) or Lion-Lord's Helm (7%) or Chimeric Armet (6%) or Undead Strategy Vol. 2 (24%) or Brown Laced Leggings (20%) or Gryphic Victory (1%)
Third floor side room Ardent Will (18%) or Algid Bloom (18%) or Kunai (15%) or Gimble Gyre (18%) or Rooted Gloom (18%) or Alchemickal Bangles (10%) or Stagnant Surge (3%)