The Peddler's Petition is a quest available in Dragon's Dogma.


The Peddler's Petition is the name of multiple escort quests, each gives a base reward of 5000 gold and 3000 experience points, plus a reward.

Every escort quest grants a chance to boost a person's affinity by escorting them safely to their destination.

The death of the escort means quest failure (unless the escort is revived with a Wakestone).

Each of these escort quests can only be completed or failed one time.

Escort quests are also time sensitive while they are posted on the notice board. These quests appear and disappear from their notice boards according to phases in the game's storyline.

The merchants Alon, Mathias, and Jayce all want to go to the Stones of Courage.

Reynard wishes to travel to the Greatwall Encampment.

Lena and Brice want to go to the Warriors departure.

Reynard - Golden Talisman x 10
Alon - Cleric's Draught x 10
Mathias - Bottled Haste x 10
Jayce - Eyedropper x 10
Lena - Silverwheat Paste x10
Brice - Serenity Extract x5

Such quests will disappear from the Notice Board some days after their insertion.


For routes and advice see Escort Quest Walkthroughs.


  • Reynard's escort request is extremely hazardous for him, and usually encountered early on in the game when the Arisen is relatively unskilled. Reynard makes the quest even more difficult by his idiotic actions - when threatened by large enemies such as a Cyclops he will constantly run from the Arisen and towards the monster, putting himself in grave danger.
    • Together with the quest Lost and Found this quest is one which commonly puts new players out of their depth, and facing improbable odds to complete. Reynard is easily killed and the quest is likely to be encountered before any wakestones have been collected. The quest usually appears at a stage where the Arisen would have difficulty making the journey without additional responsibility.
    • The quest can be completed relatively easily at a low level. Key tactics are either : Run, Carry Reynard away from battle when he gets into danger, or, take a circuitous route avoiding direct battle. Group healing potions (such as Balmy Incense or Spring Water) can be used to quickly heal the party and Reynard.