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The Peddler's Petition
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Escort Quest

The Peddler's Petition is a quest available in Dragon's Dogma.


The Peddler's Petition is the name of multiple escort quests:






Grants you one chance to boost a companion's affinity by escorting them safely to their destination. Like in all companion escort quests in Dragon Dogma, the death of the escortee warrants immediate failure of said quest, which can not be attempted again until the player's next New Game\New Game+.

It has also been reported that the chance to embark on escort quests is only available to the player during a certain window of time, as such quests seem to disappear from the Notice Board few days after their insertion.

After an escort quest has been accepted, the escortee will immediately spawn next to the player's party, following the Arisen until his\her death or their successful arrival at the target destination. 



It is highly recommended to use a Portcrystal and a Ferrystone to complete this quest if it is available.

This quest becomes available once Reynard's Affinity has been raised sufficiently. It be available after completing Off With Its Head, although it is not recommended to attempt this quest at that time.

For this escort you need to be prepared:

  • The road is guarded by 2 cyclopses, 2 chimeras, some Sulfur Saurians and a large group of female bandits.
  • If you are a man you need to wear a disguise to pass the fort unnoticed. ( can be done without disguise if you don't raise you'er weapon and try to speak to the female bandits just open the gate NOTE: all the pawn were female and arisen was male )
  • The road is more dangerous at night.

Make your way to Heavenspeak Fort by taking the western road from Gran Soren. Travel through the borders of the Wilted Forest and into the Cursewood. When crossing the river in during the day you will have to fight a group of Sulfur Saurians. The road further ahead is guarded by a Cyclops and Westron Labrys Bandits unless you are carrying Ophis's Badge of Amity. Further ahead is a Chimera which is avoidable. The road up the mountain path is guarded by yet another Cyclops and more Westron Labrys Bandits. When you reach the closed gate of the Ruins of Heavenspeak Fort. If you are male you need to wear a disguise in order to pass the female bandits her unnoticed.

Reynard keeps close to the enemies at all times so be careful when traversing the mountain road to Heavenspeak Fort as it is quite easy for the Cyclops to swipe anyone off the ledge.

After the fort another Chimera awaits. The water in Barta Crags inflicts many status ailments during the day so avoid it if you can. At night it is more dangerous as the Phantoms there may instantly kill Reynard or your pawns.

(An alternate option is to take Soulflayer Canyon. The East entrance is just to the right of the female bandits stationed near the first Chimera. Exiting on the other side gets you past the second Chimera as well.)






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