The Ruins of Aernst Castle is a location in Dragon's Dogma.


This once impressive structure located near the southern coast, has fallen into disrepair; now it has been converted into a bandit base populated by the Iron Hammer Bandits.

"I did not ask to become leader of this band of thieves. Nevertheless, it is my birthright and one I've embraced with open arms. As a bandit and a man, I make my own path. I've been on the run for longer than you've been alive, with no intention of getting caught. Every month or so the duke sends some weak-boned adolescent to try and oust us from the ruins, and every month we return him to his superiors relieved of his wallet and his dignity. We wonder if they'll ever learn."
―-Maul, Leader of the Iron Hammer Bandits

The bandits, led by Maul, each have names derived from weapons. They are Anelace, Basilard, Caravel, Claymore, Culverin, Falchion, Glaive, Hammer, Lance, Mace, Mercygiver, Pike, Ranseur, Sling and Voulge.


  • Salomet's Grimoire may be found in a chest at the highest point of the castle. Alternatively, Maul may gift the item if the quest A Troublesome Tome is active, and his affinity is raised to maximum. Under certain conditions, such as when attacked the bandits will hide the chest.
  • Wakestone Shard atop the remnants of the western lookout tower facing the sea.
  • Chainmail Bracers, Weak Guard or Hunter's Jacket in a chest atop the right lookout tower when viewed from the northern bridgeway main entrance (guarded by Sling, a male barbarian).
  • Ferrystone located on the tip of a boat at the anchorage behind the castle. Normally a bandit is fishing there.
  • Wyrmward Perfume in a chest next to some boxes after the first flight of stairs going to the tower.
  • Additionally various items of bandit wear may be found, as well as a considerable quantity of Cloudwine.
  • Red Leather Armor, Bandit's Glove, Rose Ring, Ring of Gules. Small room with boxes and bandit.
  • Chest in a large square room on the western side of the tower/castle. The room contains a table and stools.


  • The bandit's at the fort are initially hostile, but will allow the Arisen entry once news of his or her fame reaches them.
  • The bandits at Aernst Castle are much like their counterparts, the female bandits at The Ruins of Heavenspeak Fort, and will not attack the Arisen unless provoked.
  • When provoked they will tell you to "Bogger off." or "Piss off." or "I'll bleed you dry.".
  • Bandits that are killed will drop Shackles and Large Coin pouches.