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The Shadow Fort
Location Info
Devilfire Grove
A Fortress Besieged
Scouting Mission

The Shadow Fort is a location in Dragon's Dogma.


A fortress nestled between two cliffs that guards passage between them. It is the main focus in the quest; A Fortress Besieged, and may not be entered until the quest is started. The fort is reached from Devilfire Grove and grants access to the Frontier Caverns.

"I have always wanted nothing more than to protect my home and people as an honorable knight. I'd heard rumors that the dragon was bound to return soon, and I could not wait to fight. So far, there has been much more standing than fighting for me here at the Shadow Fort, but the older men have warned me that a wise soldier always hopes for peace. I've been able to cut my teeth on some smaller monsters, but I hope that someday something bigger is in store."
-Ser Abell, a knight

Quests relatedEdit


Once past the empty space that the soldiers wait in, the Shadow Fort - from the entrance - has two equally tall towers on either side of the entrance, two storehouses (one halfway between the towers and the fortress, the other directly to the right of the fort entrance facing) and the inner fortress on the opposite end of the entrance. A number of goblin-made towers with explosives also permeate the area for attacking the two Cyclops found here, not to mention the massive squad of goblins and hobgoblins which populate the space in-between.

Numerous tunnel entrances are found in the Shadow Fort's inner field that the goblins will use to enter the battlefield. However, for players who chose a small body size (below 150cm in height), it is possible to enter these tunnels and use them to enter both of the store rooms and get very close to the fortress. This makes it possible to completely avoid the Cyclopes and get the lever for opening the gate with little to no serious conflict. However, keep in mind that when the gate is opened and the troops begin to pour in, if Ser Robert dies then you will fail the quest and have to walk all the way back to Gran Soren unsuccessful. Thus it is preferable to kill both cyclopses, all Goblins, and destroy the ballistae (giant mounted crossbows) on the right tower before opening the gate to avoid the loss of Ser Robert.

The goblins in the fort will use the two ballistae on the fortress and the one ballista on the right tower to attack the player; though this will devastate your pawns far more often than the Arisen. You can destroy the ballista on the right tower fairly easily, but attempting to use it is difficult at any time due to the other two ballistae which will fire on the player immediately after it is seized.

After a certain point in "A Fortress Besieged", the player will need to enter the fortress to kill the Goblin Chieftain. The general path the player will follow is to go the top of the fortress through one tower, then go halfway back down the other to enter the center room. At the top of this tower is a group of goblins, hobgoblins and a heavily armored and helmed cyclops (wearing metal rings on both its legs and feet that will repel attacks). You can also attack the two remaining ballistae from here to silence them once and for all.

There is also a small cavern near the second storeroom that will lead to the Goblin Hideout, where you can find a sizable amount of cash and the Silver Idol quest enemy (the Colosseum door will remain closed until this quest is undertaken). This area has a fair quantity of goblins and hobgoblins, so come prepared for cramped quarters.

Pawn Travel KnowledgeEdit

  • One of the travel markers is on the platform with the Armored Cyclops, near the northernmost ballista.
  • Traveling through the goblin tunnels underneath the main area will gain another travel knowledge star. This means the Arisen will need to be 150cm or shorter to get inside these tunnels.

Notable LootEdit

There is a Portcrystal in one of the Cells, where the lever can be found (Dark Arisen only).

There is a Liquid Vim on the first table you see after entering the Station Room.


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