The Sundering Spear Tome is an item available in Dragon's Dogma.


"A treatise on magick from an author long forgotten. Infused with the power to split the earth itself."

After a brief incantation, a spire of earth is conjured from the ground, followed quickly by three further earth spikes, each causing damage, and potential setting the target on fire.

The scroll allows any vocation to incant the spell - in appearance the magic resembles that of the Mystic Knight spell Stone Grove, and the Sorcerer spell Seism; Sundering Spear has a smaller area of effect than both.



  • If the caster is hit whilst intoning the spell the incantation may be halted, resulting in loss of the spell and scroll.
  • The power of the spell is not affected by primary or secondary weapons, augments, or the caster's magick stat.
  • Damage is boosted by items such as Demon's Periapt or Salomet's Secret.
  • The spell appears to lack the ability to cause physical damage, unlike Stone Grove.


Product of

Item Item Product
Blank Scroll + Iron Blade Piece = The Sundering Spear Tome
Blank Scroll + Large Fang = The Sundering Spear Tome