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The Sundering Spear Tome is an item available in Dragon's Dogma.


"A treatise on magick from an author long forgotten. Infused with the power to split the earth itself."

"A magick item."


  • On use, a one-time replica of the Mystic Knight spell Stone Forest is triggered.


  • Sold by Akim on the exit floor of the Post-Game Everfall.
  • Commonly found within breakable crates and boxes both inside and outside the Chambers in the Post-Game Everfall.
  • 3x can be given by Valmiro on talking to him in Cassardis with max Affinity.


  • Though it resembles the Mystic Knights spell Stone Forest, its damage is hard to estimate. It seems to be a pretty decent AOE spell, but also has a downside of the character taking a while to read the scroll, with any hit on the character causing interruption and in turn losing the scroll.


Product of

Item Item Product
Blank Scroll + Iron Blade Piece = The Sundering Spear Tome
Blank Scroll + Large Fang = The Sundering Spear Tome

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