The Wages of Death I is a quest available in Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen.


"To you, traveler from a place and time far distant, bearing the selfsame auspice carved upon your breast, I offer these words: Long have I toiled here in search of an answer, and now I have found it. I am eager to guide you to this path, but first I must see proof of your mettle. Slay the beasts that feed on corpses to show me your strength."

Defeat five Garm, a type of giant undead wolf found only on Bitterblack Isle.


The Wages of Death I (quest walkthrough)

The Wages of Death I (quest walkthrough)

Bring Fiend-Luring Incense into the Black Abbey in order to spawn 5 Garm all at once. When outnumbered by fast and powerful Garm, a Rusted Bow can quickly even the odds.

This quest is available Pre-Daimon, from Olra's notice board after Call of the Arisen.

Once five Garm have been defeated at any place or time this quest will complete.