The Wages of Death IV is a quest available in Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen.


"Death frees the spirit for its cycle of rebirth, only to have it lost in a vast sea of other screaming souls. Why meekly submit to this fate? I have cast away the shackles of the Arisen. In form and function, I have embraced my calling... as death. Let me be your paragon of perfection! Let me be your beacon of hope!"

Slay Death.

Once Death is defeated, the quest will complete.


  • Refer to the article entitled "Death" for information on avoiding, encountering, and defeating this dangerous foe.
  • This quest is one of the first three quests immediately available on the Arisen's Refuge notice board when the Arisen first enters, along with Accursed Errand and An Unseen Rival III.