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The Wages of Death IV is a quest available in Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen.



"Death frees the spirit for its cycle of rebirth, only to have it lost in a vast sea of other screaming souls. Why meekly submit to this fate? I have cast away the shackles of the Arisen. In form and function, I have embraced my calling... as death. Let me be your paragon of perfection! Let me be your beacon of hope!"

This quest is one of the first three quests immediately available on the Arisen's Refuge notice board when the Arisen first enters (Pre-Daimon), along with Accursed Errand and An Unseen Rival III.


Defeating Death at any location will complete the quest.

See the Death page "Tactics" section for strategic advice.

The most convenient location to complete the quest once it has been obtained from the Request Board at The Arisen's Refuge is in The Bloodless Stockade.

Exit Arisen's Refuge to enter The Bloodless Stockade. Defeat the enemies on the third and second levels. Afterwards, though optional but recommended, go back and into the Arisen's Refuge and use the Rift Stone to create a checkpoint, and bring some wakestones if possible.

Go to the first level underground, making sure that none of the party have lanterns equipped, and seek out Death by looking for the glow of his lantern.

Engage and fight him until he is defeated or disappears. Watch out for his scythe attack as it is a 1-hit kill; if pawns are caught in the attack they will have to be hired anew. Also, beware if his lantern turns purple for it will lull the party members to sleep if they do not have high enough resistance.

After enough damage has been dealt, Death will retreat. Simply leave the area, re-enter and engage Death again until he is defeated.

It may serve best to use the Rift Stone after every encounter as a back-up should the party die in a future encounter. If Death is sufficiently staggered or knocked down, he will be unable to retreat.

Death will not retreat if he fails to detect hidden attackers.

Refer to the "Farming Death" section on The Bloodless Stockade page for more information on more expedient methods to defeat Death.

Melee based vocations may have trouble dealing damage to Death in close-quarters, due to his scythe attack. Magick and ranged vocations may be more helpful to defeat it. Refer to this page for tactics and solutions.

Once Death is defeated, the quest will complete.

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