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The Wyrmking's Ring
The Wyrmking's Ring1
Quest Overview
Quest Giver
Complete First Set of Royal Orders Quests
35,000 Gold
30,000 Exp.
40 Rift Crystals
Wyrmking's Ring
Main Quest
Royal Orders Quest

The Wyrmking's Ring is a quest available in Dragon's Dogma.

This article is about the mission given to you by Aldous. For the ring itself, see Wyrmking's Ring.


A thief made off with the duke's magick ring, a treasure of the realm. It must be reclaimed.

Royal Orders Quest


Start the quest by speaking with Aldous and selecting "Recover stolen item". You are informed by Aldous that Duke Edmun's ring has been stolen. Your task is to find out who stole it and to get the ring back.

Learn More of the Thief

  • Speak with castle residents to discover what you may of the thief.

Inquire About Salomet

  • Speak with the locals to learn of Salomet , a prime suspect in the robbery.

Confront Salomet

Report Salomet's Escape

  • You've need of further information in your pursuit of Salomet . Travel back to Aldous to report on your progress.

Renew Your Inquiry Into Salomet

  • Speak with the local residents to learn where Salomet may have fled.

Confront Salomet

Ferry Back the Ring

Quest Successful

  • You returned the magick ring to Aldous . Quest reward received.


This quest is obtained by speaking with Aldous in the Duke's Demesne and selecting the option "Recover stolen item".

Before undertaking this quest, consider the following :

  • After successfully obtaining the Wyrmking's Ring from Salomet, it is highly recommended that the player forge a duplicate to give to Aldous while keeping the original. The benefits of doing so will be discussed at the end of this walkthrough.
  • Before completing BOTH The Wyrmking's Ring and Pride Before a Fall, be aware that doing so will automatically begin the quests Honor and Treachery and flags the start of Bad Business. The Bad Business quest will render Madeleine's shop inaccessible until Post-Game, so be sure to acquire any desired items from her BEFORE completing The Wyrmking's Ring and Pride Before a Fall.
  • The boss battle with Salomet may be more easily won if the Arisen is a ranged vocation (Strider, Ranger, or Assassin).
  • If already in possession of a ring (or a forgery) from a previous playthrough, the Arisen may bring it to Aldous to immediately complete the quest.
  • SPOILER : The conversations will the townspeople may be skipped if the Arisen already knows where to go to find Salomet (the Ancient Quarry and the Bluemoon Tower).

Learn More of the ThiefEdit

In order to find the thief, speak with some of the people in the castle. This is done in the following order:

  • Speak with Pering. He can usually be found strolling around.
  • Speak with Ser Gyles in the storehouse
  • speak to Ambrose. Usually found close to the Duke
  • Speak with Aldous after all inquiries are complete.

Inquire About SalometEdit

Salomet is the alleged culprit, but his current whereabouts are unknown. Aldous suggests speaking with more Gran Soren citizens outside the castle.

Speak to Mellard who can usually be found in the Noble Quarter. He claims Salomet is in the Ancient Quarry.

Confront SalometEdit

Travel to the Ancient Quarry. Exit Gran Soren from the southern Gate and head west. The Ancient Quarry is located south of the fork. There will be Goblins along the way.

Enter the quarry and engage Salomet. He is guarded by six Bandits.

Once the fight is over, Salomet will escape.

Report Salomet's EscapeEdit

With Salomet gone, report back to Aldous in Gran Soren and see what can be done about finding him again.

Renew Your Inquiry Into SalometEdit

Aldous suggests speaking with more towns people. Head to Fountain Square in the Urban Quarter and speak with Brice. He reports that Salomet has been spotted fleeing to the Bluemoon Tower.

Confront SalometEdit

If a Portcrystal was previously placed at the Bluemoon Tower after the Griffin's Bane quest, use a Ferrystone to teleport there. If not, sleep at the inn before walking northwest from Gran Soren, through the Windworn Valley and Pastona Cavern to the Bluemoon Tower.

Upon entering the tower, the party will immediately be assailed by seven Bandits at the main gate (four Striders, two Warriors, and one Fighter).

Past the first treasure chest on the left and three Crows, ascend the first staircase to the second floor. The second floor is occupied by six more Bandits (one Strider, one Warrior, one Fighter, two Rangers, and one Magick Archer). Beware the enemy Ranger's Great Gamble shot, which can propel a character into the water below. Avoid falling off the steps by walking cautiously and not running.

On the thrid floor, the Arisen may through one of two doors. On the right is a solid metal door the Arisen initially entered to battle the Griffin (assuming the Griffin escaped to the Bluemoon Tower in the earlier quest Griffin's Bane). This solid metal door will lead to Salomet with zero Bandit opposition.

The door on the left is a "jail" type metal door which is accessible if the Arisen destroyed the wooden plank blocking the door on the other side during an earlier visit to the tower. This path (the left door) is more treacherous, with eight Bandits guarding the ascending staircase leading to Salomet. This eight Bandit cohort is comprised of one Strider, one Fighter, one Sorcerer, and five deadly Rangers who will pelt the party with Tenfold Flurry arrows during their ascent. If possible, snipe them from afar with Lyncean Sight (Assassin skill) or Comet Shot (Ranger skill) before they have the chance to attack.

Before reaching the top of the staircase, save the game.

The Wyrmking's Ring2

Upon defeat Salomet begins to drop the Wyrmking's Ring

At the summit, the final battle with Salomet ensues. Salomet's offensive capabilities include Ingle, Comestion, Seism, Miasma, and summoning Skeleton Warriors and Skeleton Lords. Melee vocations may expect to be hampered by Salomet's teleportation when the Arisen closes the distance. Be persistent, as his teleportation around the battlefield will eventually cease. Ranged Vocations will have an easier battle, as Salomet may be shot from afar.

Once Salomet is defeated, he will drop the Wyrmking's Ring near the cliff's edge. Pick up the ring, the nearby Ferrystone, and the 46,100 Gold.

Ferry Back the RingEdit

With the ring recovered, travel back to Gran Soren, but DO NOT HAND OVER THE RING YET.

Once back in Gran Soren it is highly recommended that the Arisen immediately make a forgery of the ring to give to Aldous.

KEEP THE ORIGINAL Wyrmking's Ring, and hand Aldous a forgery ! The Wyrmking's Ring has the unique ability to hasten the charge times for all magick skills (for Mages, Sorcerers, Magick Archers, and Mystic Knights) by 15%.

The Wyrmking's Ring Forgery has no special properties, but it can be submitted to complete the quest successfully, with all the experience points and Gold rewards.

A Wyrmking's Ring Forgery made by Montebank at the Black Cat in the Venery of Gran Soren will cost 99,990 Gold.

Go back to Aldous and turn in either the Wyrmking's Ring (not recommended) or the Wyrmking's Ring Forgery to complete the quest.

Quest SuccessfulEdit

Completing this quest and Pride Before a Fall will automatically begin the next Royal Orders Quest called Honor and Treachery. As stated it also starts the sidequest Bad Business.


  • Salomet teleports to three different locations at the tower's summit.
    • 1. Near the staircase originally entered during the Griffin's Bane quest.
    • 2. Near the opposite staircase.
    • 3. Near the treasure chest and Gold pouches.
    • These teleports are usually in a predictable pattern. Generally, Salomet's pattern will warp to 1-3-2 (based on the order above) or 2-3-1-2-1-3. This is not concrete, but seems to be the general consensus.
  • Focus on defeating the summoned Undead Warriors and Skeleton Warriors first. If left unheeded, they can overwhelm the party with sheer numbers. High level players can instead focus on Salomet directly while leaving pawns to deal with the summoned monsters.


  • Handing over a Wyrmking's Ring Forgery to complete the quest (highly recommended), will consequently forfeit access to the Paladin's Mantle from the Treasury room. However, the Paladin's Mantle can still be stolen after nightfall.
    • To get into the Treasury room without getting caught, sleep at the inn until Nightfall, then run to the Duke's Demesne. Exactly 2 minutes after Nightfall, wait for the guard (Ser Elthar) in front of the room to walk outside the southern entrance. While his back is turned, run into the castle and into the Treasury room. There will be a one minute window before a guard arrives. Once the Paladin's Mantle is obtained, use a Ferrystone to escape or run for the Duke's Demesne exit.
  • Plant a Portcrystal at the Bluemoon Tower entrance. Post-Dragon, there will be a Wyvern at the tower's summit.
  • Slaying the Griffin early in Griffin's Bane (before it can escape to the Bluemoon Tower) will NOT close off the top of the Bluemoon Tower permanently. Proceed to the top of the stairs where the two doors leading to the summit are located. The barred "jail" door on the left will be automatically open for The Wyrmking's Ring quest.


  • ps329px-Icon ps3xbox36020px-Icon xbox360Mellard can be spoken to before speaking to everyone in the Duke's Demesne. Despite him telling the Arisen where Salomet has run off to, it is still necessary to talk to everyone in order for the quest to update. The quest log will state that players must inquire about Salomet however the quest marker will never update.
    • To bypass this bug, go to the Ancient Quarry and the quest will continue normally.

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