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The Wyrmking's Ring
The Wyrmking's Ring1
Quest Overview
Quest Giver
Complete First Set of Royal Orders Quests
35,000 Gold
30,000 Exp.
40 Rift Crystals
Wyrmking's Ring
Main Quest
Royal Orders Quest

The Wyrmking's Ring is a quest available in Dragon's Dogma.

This article is about the mission given to you by Aldous. For the ring itself, see Wyrmking's Ring.


A thief made off with the duke's magick ring, a treasure of the realm. It must be reclaimed.

Royal Orders Quest


Start the quest by speaking with Aldous and selecting "Recover stolen item". You are informed by Aldous that Duke Edmun's ring has been stolen. Your task is to find out who stole it and to get the ring back.

Learn More of the Thief

  • Speak with castle residents to discover what you may of the thief.

Inquire About Salomet

  • Speak with the locals to learn of Salomet , a prime suspect in the robbery.

Confront Salomet

Report Salomet's Escape

  • You've need of further information in your pursuit of Salomet . Travel back to Aldous to report on your progress.

Renew Your Inquiry Into Salomet

  • Speak with the local residents to learn where Salomet may have fled.

Confront Salomet

Ferry Back the Ring

Quest Successful

  • You returned the magick ring to Aldous . Quest reward received.


This quest is obtained by speaking with Aldous in the Duke's Demesne and selecting the option "Recover stolen item".

Before going on this quest it is wise to consider the following:

Learn More of the ThiefEdit

In order to find the thief you must first speak with some of the people in the castle. This is done in the following order:

  • Speak with Pering. He can usually be found strolling around.
  • Speak with Ser Gyles in the storehouse
  • speak to Ambrose. Usually found close to the Duke
  • Speak with Aldous after your inquiries are complete.

Inquire About SalometEdit

You learn Salomet is the possible culprit, but you do not know where he is. Aldous suggests you speak with more people in Gran Soren outside the castle.

Speak to Mellard who can usually be found in the Noble Quarter. He says he thinks Salomet is in the Ancient Quarry.

Confront SalometEdit

Travel to the Ancient Quarry. Exit Gran Soren from the southern Gate and make your way west. The ancient quarry is found south of the fork. There will be Goblins on your way there.

Go inside the quarry and walk up to the group of suspicious characters for a cutscene. A fight breaks out and you must defend yourself. Salomet will cast some spells and is guarded by a few Bandits.

Once the fight is over Salomet will escape.

Report Salomet's EscapeEdit

With Salomet gone you must report back to Aldous and see what can be done about finding him again. Go back to Gran Soren and speak with Aldous.

Renew Your Inquiry Into SalometEdit

Aldous suggests you speak with more towns people. Head to Fountain Square in the Urban Quarter and speak with Brice. He will inform you Salomet has been seen going to the Bluemoon Tower

Confront SalometEdit

It is time to travel to the Bluemoon Tower. If you placed the Portcrystal during the quest Griffin's Bane it will be a quick trip as you may use a Ferrystone to teleport there. If not then make your way north and head through Windworn Valley and Pastona Cavern and finally to the tower.

Make your way up the tower. Beware of many Bandits. There will be Ranger type bandits here which may stagger or propel you off the stairways. These Rangers can shoot Great Gamble at you and your pawns, which is very dangerous as it can do a huge amount of damage. Be careful not to fall off the steps. Take the north great stairway up, also here be careful of more Ranger type bandits. Before going up to the summit, save your game.

The Wyrmking's Ring2

Upon defeat Salomet begins to drop the Wyrmking's Ring

As you enter the summit a cutscene plays and your final fight with Salomet begins. Salomet can cast some big high level spells so as a sorcerer he can be very dangerous. He may also summon undead like Skeleton Warriors and Skeleton Lords to support him. For melee Vocations this may prove a long stretched out battle as Salomet teleports when you get close. Eventually his teleportation will end and you may fight him up close. Ranged type Vocations will have an easier battle. Using big spells or flurry-type bow attacks deal sufficient damage to take Salomet down quickly.

Once Salomet is defeated a cutscene will play where he will drop the Wyrmking's Ring. Pick it up and also pick up the Ferrystone nearby.

Ferry Back the RingEdit

With the ring recovered, travel back to Gran Soren.

Once back in Gran Soren it is highly recommended that the Arisen immediately make a forgery of the ring. The Wyrmking's Ring speeds up all magick skills (for Mages, Sorcerers, Magick Archers, and Mystic Knights) by 15%. Because if this unique and extremely valuable ability, it is highly recommended that the Arisen KEEP THE REAL RING and give Aldous a forged copy. The Wyrmking's Ring Forgery has no special properties, but it can be submitted to complete the quest successfully.

A Wyrmking's Ring Forgery made at the Black Cat in the Venery of Gran Soren will cost 99,990 Gold.

Go back to Aldous and turn in either the Wyrmking's Ring or the Wyrmking's Ring Forgery to complete the quest.

Quest SuccessfulEdit

If you've previously completed Pride Before a Fall completing this quest automatically starts the next Royal Orders Quest called Honor and Treachery. As stated it also starts the sidequest Bad Business.


  • Salomet has three different locations he teleports too.
    • 1) By the stairs players came through during the quest; Griffin's Bane.
    • 2) The stairs opposite of the above.
    • 3) Near the Griffin's hoard of treasures.
    • These warps are usually in a pattern allowing for easy predictability. Generally Salomet's pattern will warp to 1-3-2 (based on the order above) or 2-3-1-2-1-3. This is not concrete, but seems to be the general consensus.
  • Players should focus on defeating his summons first; if left unheeded, they will eventually overwhelm players. High level players, can instead focus on Salomet directly and let the rest of their party deal with the summons.
  • The Mystic Knight skill Sky Dance/Rapture and Blink/Burst Strike are ideal for dealing with Salomet. Sky Rapture is preferred, as players can jump and use it at the right moment to score a blow to the head. Take caution as players can still be hit and thrown back by Comestion.


  • You can choose to forge the Wyrmking's Ring and turn in the forgery to complete the quest.
    • Doing so will mean you will not be given the Paladin's Mantle from the Treasury, however you can attempt to steal it.
    • Strategy to get into the room without getting caught: Sleep at an inn until Night, then run to the castle. When it is exactly 2 minutes after Nightfall, wait for the guard that stands guard infront of the room to come outside the southern entrance. While his back is turned, run into the castle and into the Treasure Room. Note that you will have a minute window before a guard spots you. Once you're done, make a break for it and exit the Duke's Demesne. Alternatively, if you have the gold to spare, you can use a ferrystone after grabbing the mantle to avoid any risk of being caught with it.
    • You can also still leave the Portcrystal here as in Post-Dragon there will be a Wyvern at Tower Summit.
    • Killing the Griffin early in Griffin's Bane does NOT close off the top of the Bluemoon Tower permanently. Proceed to the room where the two doors are located and the barred door will open. This door will not unlock/open until the proper time during this quest, though.


  • ps329px-Icon ps3xbox36020px-Icon xbox360Mellard can be spoken to before speaking to everyone in the Duke's Demesne. Despite him telling the Arisen where Salomet has run off to, it is still necessary to talk to everyone in order for the quest to update. The quest log will state that players must inquire about Salomet however the quest marker will never update.
    • To bypass this bug, go to the Ancient Quarry and the quest will continue normally.

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