Thick as Thieves is a quest available in Dragon's Dogma.


"You established contact with the ring of woman bandits to the west. Winning their trust could make your journey easier."

Win the trust of the Westron Labrys Bandits by performing unpleasant or dangerous tasks..


Speak to either Ophis or Betiah to initiate the quest. Ophis will offer membership into her band, and asks only that ten male bandits of the rival Iron Hammer Bandits be slain; alternatively her subordinate Betiah will request that you feed Ophis's pet Cyclops in Ophis' Domain to the west.

Completing either task will complete the quest, but doing both will increase the reward.

Kill the bandits

Killing the male bandits is straightforward. There are over thirty of them concentrated around the The Ruins of Aernst Castle. Other male bandits elsewhere will not do.

Thick as Thieves (quest walkthrough)

Thick as Thieves (quest walkthrough)

Remember that the party should comprise only females or males dressed as females during this quest. This quest can be completed by doing either (or both) tasks of slaying 10 male bandits around the Aernst Castle ruins or feeding Ophis' nearby cyclops. Starting from the Ruins of Heavenspeak Fort, travel west to the second marker on the map to Ophis' Domain. The wooden enclosure contains Ophis' pet Cyclops, which must be fed with a nearby Goblin. Carry a slain Goblin to the Cyclops and lay the carcass at its feet. Bring another carcass if the Cyclops doesn't eat the first carcass, and be sure not to stand too close. Go back and speak to either Betiah or Ophis to complete the quest.

Feed the Cyclops

Feeding the pet Cyclops is a bit tricky - the Cyclops will only feast on Goblin flesh — kill a goblin somewhere nearby and grab its corpse before it disappears.

Bring the corpse to the Cyclops and drop it off at its feet (not too close). It's finicky but if placed correctly the Cyclops will pick the corpse up and eat it.

Walking close to the corpse and/or picking it up and laying it down may prompt the Cyclops to go for a grab. Avoid being present when the cyclops grabs as it may try to eat you.

If the corpse rots away — go get another one.

Quest complete

Once either or both tasks has been carried out return to the fort for the rewards - if the Cyclops was fed speak with Betiah for a minor reward first. Speaking to Ophis will complete the quest, and result in a gift of Ophis' Badge of Amity and the other rewards.


  • Ophis or Betiah will not initiate the quest if Ophis' Badge of Amity is present in the party's inventory.
  • To travel without harassment in The Ruins of Heavenspeak Fort the entire party must be female or disguised as women, otherwise the Westron Labrys bandits will be uncommunicative or hostile, and the questgivers will refuse to initiate the quest.
  • A Matter of Myrmidons must be completed to receive the quest from Betiah.
  • The quest reward Ophis' Badge of Amity will make the fort bandits non-hostile even if the character is male (no need for a disguise). The female bandits along the road leading to the fort will be replaced by wolves.
  • Killing the pet Cyclops prevents the quest from being completed as Ophis never forgives the act.
  • Maul, the leader of the , gives a quest for a similar badge - No Honor Among Thieves.
    • If both quests are being carried out at the same time avoid fighting within in the respective ruined castles - the bandits outside can be killed without offending the bandit leaders. Since the female bandits along the road will be replaced by wolves at the completion of this quest, ten should be killed for No Honor Among Thieves before reporting success to Ophis, if a 'peaceful' solution is desired.
  • Not available in Post-Game.
  • (Glitch) If both tasks are completed before returning to Ophis then the third knowledge star may not be awarded for this quest - in order to get the third star only complete one of the tasts.