Throwblast is an item available in Dragon's Dogma.


"A small explosive of flamable powder packed into a flask. Handle with extreme care."

Produces a small explosion that sends smaller targets flying, causing knockdown if not death, whilst staggering larger ones. Much of the damage is based in the explosive in the item, and not on the users skill or strength, making throwblasts very useful against strong enemies, even at a low level.

Throwblasts are also effective against large flying enemies - in addition to the damage inflicted, it will also make them stagger when hit. This is very useful to prevent them from taking flight, especially in the case of the Griffin, which is prone to flying off from battle. Against Dragonkin it will sometimes interrupt their fire breath, spell casting, or cause them to drop a Pawn they are attempting to Possess.

Against Strigoi, Harpies and Gargoyles, throwblasts will knock them out of the sky completely, vulnerable to attacks while writhing on the ground.

These are an effective way of dealing with Ghosts - a throwblast used near or on a possessed ally will usually fully destroy any of their variants at even full health.



Component to

Item Item Product
Throwblast + Beech Branch = Blast Arrow x 10

Product of

Item Item Product
Necrophagous Loin + Rock = Throwblast
Necrophagous Loin + Pretty Stone = Throwblast
Necrophagous Loin + Brick = Throwblast
Necrophagous Loin + Unremarkable Ore = Throwblast x2
Necrophagous Loin + Cassardite = Throwblast x2
Necrophagous Loin + Burst-Rock = Throwblast x2
Necrophagous Loin + Lava Rock = Throwblast x5
Ember Crystal + Rock = Throwblast x3
Ember Crystal + Pretty Stone = Throwblast x3
Ember Crystal + Brick = Throwblast x3
Ember Crystal + Cassardite = Throwblast x4
Sconce + Lava Rock = Throwblast
Flammica + Lava Rock = Throwblast x3

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