Thunder Affinity is a Lightning based skill available in Dragon's Dogma.


"An advanced form of Thunder Boon that extends and amplifies the enchantment, as well as the recipient's Magick."

An advanced form of Thunder Boon with a longer lasting enchantment.


Spell Duration
Boon ~37s
Affinity ~110s
Pact  ?
  • For general details of weapon enchantment spells see weapon enchantment.
  • With Dark Arisen, both Thunder Boon and Thunder Affinity are upgraded to become Thunder Pact with a relevant Staff Enchanter's Ring or Staff Enchanter's Band equipped.
  • Like all lightning based weapons and spells a thunder enchanted weapon may:
    • Cause Thundershock forming chain lighting from the struck foe, hitting multiple nearby enemies.
    • Inflict increased damage when target is Drenched.
    • Stun Cyclops, causing them to drop their weapons.
  • Click the left analog stick to cast this spell on your Arisen.
  • Like all affinities, this skill changes the Staff and Archistaff projectile of Focused Bolt - bolts now strike twice, bouncing like the magic arrows of Ricochet Seeker.