Thundercounter is a Lightning based skill available in Dragon's Dogma.


"Sends foes staggering back when the user blocks an attack. A perfect block calls down a bolt of lightning, electrifying foes."

After a relatively brief incantation, enchants the magick shield with the lightning element.


  • Upgrades to Thunder Riposte.
  • For notes, tactics, and other details on conjuring and using this class of 'parry' or 'counter' spell with perfect blocks see Mystic Knight Shield Counters.
  • Although lightning is not commonly a weak element for enemies, Thundercounter's perfect block ability is handy because, like Levin, it hits offenders regardless of cover or elevation difference. It can, for example, hit hard-to-reach ballista users at the Shadow Fort.


  • There's a Clockwork Orange reference in here somewhere.