Trail of Corruption is a quest available in Dragon's Dogma.



"I've orders to keep watch on a certain wealthy individual and the tribute he pays the duke. In truth, there's evidence that a portion of the gift is being diverted and usurped for personal gain. Had I some record of the tribute, it would serve in a formal inquest. I welcome any information."


There is no item called Tribute Ledger in the game. The item required to complete this quest is called Gift Ledger.

The Gift Ledger is located on the second floor of the open room at Fournival Manor, next to the fireplace.

The Fournival Manor is located in the Noble Quarter of Gran Soren
Trail of Corruption (quest walkthrough)02:20

Trail of Corruption (quest walkthrough)

Walk upstairs Fournival Manor in the Noble Quarter and collect the Gift Ledger. Submit the ledger to Arsmith in order to complete the quest.