Trappings of Evil is a quest available in Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen.


"I call upon you, wanderer of the abyss. I call upon you, lost and witless human. You will bring me what I seek, and I will grant a boon to aid you in your travels."

Acquire all 13 fabled Bitterblack armaments befouled by devilry.

This quest is randomly available on the Arisen's Refuge notice board after Accursed Errand, An Unseen Rival III, or The Wages of Death IV have been completed.


The quest requires the collection of  :

On acquiring all these items the quest completes and a Savior Ring is rewarded.


  • WARNING FOR PC PLAYERS ! None of the 13 pieces should be enhanced, dragonforged or rarified in order to complete this quest. Enhanced, Dragonforged or Rarified armor will not count towards the total needed to complete this quest.
    • This restriction does not apply on the other platforms.
  • Armor and cloaks worn by currently Hired Pawns and within storage count towards the 13 pieces required to complete this quest.
  • If the quest does not auto-complete when the Arisen is in possession of all required armor pieces, try removing their "NEW" tags by scrolling over the items in inventory.
  • If the Arisen obtains this quest in New Game Plus and already completed it in a prior playthrough, the quest will instantly complete after accepting it.
  • The Savior Ring is a one-given-per-save-file item.
    • "Player A" can equip the Savior Ring onto another player's ("Player B") Pawn as a gift. However, "Player A" would permanently lose access to the Savior Ring on their save file, unless another player ("Player C") gifted their ring to "Player A".