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Trial and Tribulations
Trial and Tribulations
Quest Overview
Quest Giver
Come to Court
Innocent or Guilty
20,000 Gold
15,000 Exp.
30 Rift Crystals
Main Quest
Royal Orders Quest

Trial and Tribulations is a quest available in Dragon's Dogma.


"The merchant Fournival stands accused. Prove his guilt or innocence afore time run out."

Royal Order Quest.


This quest is obtained after the quest Come to Court and talking with Aldous and selecting "Gather evidence for an important trial".

Collect Evidence

  • Gather all the evidence and testimony regarding Fournival you can manage, and report your findings to Aldous in 4 days.

Inquire After the Verdict

  • You've no time left to gather evidence. Make for the town square in Gran Soren to learn of the final verdict.

Report Back to Aldous

  • Discuss the Verdict with Aldous.

Quest Successful

  • You conferred with Aldous on the verdict in Fournival's trial. Quest reward received.


After obtaining the quest from Aldous, gather evidence to prove Fournival guilty or innocent. This walkthrough will describe both paths and weigh their consequences.

If Fournival is proven guilty (not recommended)

If Fournival is proven innocent (recommended)

Collect EvidenceEdit

Before running off trying to get all the evidence it is good to note that there are only 4 days to complete the quest, which is more than sufficient. The player will need to gather petitions and procure a witness for the trial. Depending on the outcome of some previous quests, some of the evidence might be harder to acquire. Regardless, any outcome is possible in this quest regardless of past ventures, although it might require a bit more time and coin.

A verdict is decided even if no evidence is provided (usually a guilty verdict).

Collect Evidence: Guilty Verdict

Finding Fournival guilty requires little effort and can happen even if  no evidence is turned in (Fournival is guilty until proven innocent).

This, by far, is the easiest route to take during this quest as player doesn't have to do anything but wait for the time to run out for the trial. There are also some evidence that can be gathered to assure a guilty verdict:

The only item in the above list, which is a sure find item, is the Gift Ledger. If the land was purchased from Fournival during the Land of Opportunity quest then Jasper's family will not testify against him. Notwithstanding the lack of guilty petitions, it is easier to get Fournival convicted than to obtain an innocent verdict (Fournival is guilty by default).

As a last resort, the player may buy falsified affidavits from Reynard beginning at 3,000 gold. Any subsequent purchases will increase the price by 2,000 Gold.

Note: It is advised to duplicate the Gift Ledger at The Black Cat as it is also a quest item in the quest Trail of Corruption.

Collect Evidence: Innocent Verdict

Proving Fournival innocent requires the player to supply sufficient defense evidence. If this route is taken, it is a good idea to combine this quest with the Supply and Demands quest as they have the same destination.

In order for Fournival to be proven innocent, at least three statements must be acquired claiming his innocence. Escort Ser Castor from Windbluff Tower to Gran Soren as a defense witness if only three innocent affidavits have been acquired. The list below are items which may be procured:

As a last resort the player may buy proof from Reynard and may purchase one or more Affidavits of innocence from him for 3,000 gold. Any subsequent purchases will increase the price by 2,000 Gold.  Four of these affidavits are sufficient testimony for an innocent verdict.

Note: It is advised to duplicate the Chamberlain's Affidavit at The Black Cat as it is also a quest item in the quest Thanks Mislaid.

Turning in the evidence

In order for the trial to reach the player's preferred verdict, collected items must be turned in. This can be done by speaking with Aldous and selecting "Gather evidence for an important trial". Speaking with Aldous while escorting a witness is sufficient for them to able to speak in the trial. The witness is removed from the player's care immediately.

Afterwards the determinable verdict beforehand can only be obtained through listening to the player's pawns after turning in a piece of evidence. Once the player exits the castle, pawns with knowledge of this quest will comment on the probable verdict. To make sure Fournival is innocent, it is recommended to turn in the maximum amount of evidence as that is guaranteed to prove him innocent.

The time for this quest is 4 days. Quest updates will be received at 2 days remaining and 1 day (Near Deadline) remaining.

Inquire After the VerdictEdit

After the time is up, go to Fountain Square for a cutscene where the verdict is revealed.

Report Back to AldousEdit

Speak with Aldous afterwards in the Duke's Demesne for the reward.

Quest CompletedEdit

After speaking with Aldous the results are effective immediately. If guilty, Fournival goes to jail, forfeiting any shopping options with him. If innocent, a discount appears in Fournival's inventory plus the Magnanimous Cloak will be available.


  • The quest runs off of percentage in determining a verdict. Listening to the party's pawns once exiting from offering proof of either guilt or innocence will show the higher probability, however this does not absolutely guarantee that verdict from happening.
  • This quest is time sensitive. After the quest has started, the player has 4 days to gather evidence before the trial begins.
  • If player pays attention to what Aldous says, they'll notice that he wanted Fournival to be proven guilty. This is apparent when Fournival is proven innocent.
  • Ferrystones should be used to teleport back to Gran Soren with the witness from Windbluff Tower and Cassardis.
  • While this quest is active Fournival is held under house arrest, disallowing the use of his shopping services.
  • Speaking with Fedel while the quest The Conspirators is marked as the active quest will prevent Fedel from handing over his Petition. To circumvent this, mark Trial and Tribulations as the active quest.
  • Speaking with Ser Daerio while the quest Supply and Demands is marked as the active quest will prevent Ser Daerio from assigning a soldier as a witness. To circumvent this, mark Trial and Tribulations as the active quest.
  • The opposite can happen as well, speaking with Ser Daerio while Trial and Tribulations is marked as the active quest will prevent him from giving the quest Supply and Demands. To circumvent this, mark any quest other than Trial and Tribulations as the active quest.
  • If this quest is marked as active then the player's pawns will inform them of what the verdict may be, as long as they have previous knowledge of this quest.
  • It is possible to submit evidence after time is out; simply don't approach the fountain square.  Instead, teleport to the Gran Soren portcrystal array and use the Passage Gate to reach the castle. This has been confirmed to change the outcome; Fournival was predicted to be guilty, then through teleporting around and gathering more evidence after the trial, the player changed the outcome to not guilty.

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