Trial and Tribulations is a quest available in Dragon's Dogma.


"The merchant Fournival stands accused. Prove his guilt or innocence afore time run out."

A Royal Orders Quest. The quest becomes available from Aldous after the quest Come to Court. Aid Aldous in the prosecution of the suspected traitor Fournival.


After obtaining the quest from Aldous, gather evidence to prove Fournival either guilty or innocent.

Trials and Tribulations (quest walkthrough for an "Innocent" verdict)

Trials and Tribulations (quest walkthrough for an "Innocent" verdict)

As the only vendor in the game who sells unlimited quantities of buff items (such as Conqueror's Periapts, Taglius' Miracle and Salomet's Secret potions), Fournival is an important Post-Game resource. This video walkthrough acquires all "Innocent" petitions to ensure Fournival's acquittal. The Chamberlain's Affidavit was previously acquired early in the game on the first floor of Fournival's Manor. Also be aware that Reynard's location randomly changes from time to time.

Fournival is held under house arrest by Ser Aerick and Ser Auguste - if spoken to he will promise to sell to the Arisen at the lowest possible price, if they can secure his release.

Collect Evidence

The Arisen has four days to complete the quest. Petitions must be gathered and a witness procured for the trial. Depending on the outcome of a few of the Arisen's previous quests, some evidence might be harder to acquire.

Once evidence or witnesses have been found they should be taken to Aldous who will then accept their testimony.

Quest updates will be received at 2 days remaining and 1 day (Near Deadline) remaining.

Evidence showing guilt

Finding Fournival guilty requires little effort; he will generally be found guilty if no evidence is provided.

Evidence showing innocence

Proving Fournival innocent requires the Arisen to supply sufficient exculpatory evidence. At least three statements must be acquired claiming his innocence to obtain an acquittal.


The probable verdict can be inferred from pawn commentary after turning in a piece of evidence. On leaving the castle, a pawn with knowledge of this quest will comment (if all pawns in the party are familiar with the trial, then the Main Pawn will speak). The more evidence given for each outcome increases the chances of the corresponding verdict. Generally, three documents and the corresponding witness as to either guilt or innocence will cinch the result of the trial; the result is less certain if the Arisen turns in documents or testimony suggesting more than one outcome.

Once time for gathering evidence is up, go to Fountain Square for a cutscene where the verdict is revealed.

Afterwards report back to Aldous, and speak with him for the reward.


Fournival is proven guilty

Fournival is executed and his daughter Symone moves to The Slums. Symone can be rescued from her plight by buying back Fournival Manor for her to live in, which costs 100,000 Gold.

The Arisen will lose the ability to purchase unlimited quantities of useful Tools and Curatives, and unique items such as Maker's Finger and the Magnanimous Cloak, as well as cheap Ferrystones.

In New Game Plus, Fournival's wares will be available once more as soon as the Arisen reaches Gran Soren with the quest Off With Its Head.

Fournival is proven innocent

If Fournival is proven innocent his affinity with the Arisen will increase, and he will set lower prices on the items he sells.

On being proven innocent Fournival starts to sell the Magnanimous Cloak.

A favorable outcome also enables access to Escort Duty if not yet competed.


  • A verdict is decided even if no evidence is provided.  It is usually a guilty verdict.
    • It is thought that the verdict is random, but it is dependent on the amount of evidence given; the pawns' comments on exiting the castle after offering proof give some insight into the likely verdict, but they do not guarantee such a verdict will occur.
  • If Jasper's family was not evicted during the quest Land of Opportunity, then they may not offer evidence.
  • If the Arisen fails to turn in any evidence Aldous will make his displeasure plain.
  • Aldous' comments at the end of the quest make it plain he expected a guilty verdict.
  • While this quest is active, Fournival is held under house arrest, preventing any trade with him.
  • Speaking with Fedel while the quest The Conspirators is marked as the active quest will prevent Fedel from handing over his Petition. To circumvent this, mark Trial and Tribulations as the active quest.
  • Speaking with Ser Daerio while the quest Supply and Demands is marked as the active quest will prevent Ser Daerio from assigning a soldier as a witness. To circumvent this, mark Trial and Tribulations as the active quest.
    • The opposite can happen as well, speaking with Ser Daerio while Trial and Tribulations is marked as the active quest will prevent him from giving the quest Supply and Demands. To circumvent this, mark any quest other than Trial and Tribulations as the active quest.
  • It is possible to submit evidence after the deadline for evidence has passed - Aldous will continue to accept evidence indefinitely until the verdict cutscene is triggered at the Fountain Square. Avoid the square to continue giving evidence after the deadline as such evidence will still be valid.
  • If innocence is to be proved it is a good idea to combine this quest with Supply and Demands as they have the same destination of Windbluff Tower.
  • If either the Gift Ledger, or Chamberlain's Affidavit are to be given as evidence it is advised to duplicate these at The Black Cat as they are quest items for Trail of Corruption and Thanks Mislaid.


  • The name of this quest is possibly a reference to Capcom's third Ace Attorney game "Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - "Trials and Tribulations" (wikipedia).  
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