Union Inn is a location in Dragon's Dogma.


The Union Inn, located within Fountain Square of Gran Soren is run by Asalam and serves various important functions :

  • Sleeping at the Inn until the next day or until nightime will cost 500 Gold. Doing so will fully restore the party's health, cure any debilitations and create a "hard" checkpoint save.
  • Manage the party's item and equipment inventory. Deposit, withdraw, equip and combine items.
  • Learn or set the skills of the Arisen and Main Pawn. Spend Discipline Points to unlock new vocational skills for both the Arisen and the Main Pawn.
  • Change the Vocations of the Arisen and Main Pawn.
  • Use the Knowledge Chair to adjust the Main Pawn's inclinations.
  • Read the Notice Board to acquire new quests.


Notice board quests

The Union Notice board is the preferred location of the citizenry of Gransys to place escort requests. Most Escort Quests start here excluding a few that begin at Pablos' Inn in Cassardis.

There are over 200 people who live outside of Cassardis village and many have escort missions that can be found on the Union Inn notice board.