Having had success using a Ranger equipped with Great Gamble to regulate the fight against the Online Ur-Dragon, the next logical step was to use two Rangers.  My main pawn, Nei, changed her vocation to Ranger, equipped with Great Gamble, Comet Shot, 100 Kisses, and Instant Reset.  Both Rangers were provided with 100 Mushroom Potages each.  The members of the team are shown in the above Gallery.

The two Rangers worked well together.  Their frequent use of Great Gamble and subsequent stamina replenishment kept the entire party topped off with stamina since the only stamna curatives available to them were group curatives.  Leila, the Airsen (Strider) was able to lay down a continuous barrage of 100 Kisses that ensured the powerful attacks from the other party members would stagger the Ur-Dragon.  kept in perpetual stagger, the battle could be managed deliberately.  

The menu was never opened during the fight so the only boosters used were ones that had been applied just before the encounter.    

Two Great Gamblers12:39

Two Great Gamblers