Online Ur Dragon09:54

Online Ur Dragon

Magick Archer, two Striders, and a Fighter combat the Ur-Dragon. The Fighter keeps the party's stamina at a high level.

Recently, we have been including a Ranger equipped with Great Gamble in the party combatting the Ur-Dragon. The Ranger exhausts all stamina when firing Great Gamble and must replenish.  The Ranger is provided only with group stamina curatives.  Thus, the Ranger replenishes the stamina of each member of the party.

In this video, a Fighter accompanies a Magick Archer and two Striders.  The Fighter is equipped with Dragon's Maw that serves a similar purpose to the Ranger in the strategy described above.  The use of Dragon's Maw rapidly depletes stamina compelling the Fighter to replenish.  Since the only stamina curatives are group curatives, the Fighter restores the stamina of all party members.

The result in both of these strategies is that the party is never wanting for stamina.  Thus, potent attacks requiring great amounts of stamina can be used throughout the fight.  This allows the party to fight without needing to open up the menu to reapply boosters.  The entire fight in the video is thus an uninterrupted fight from the initial descent of the Ur-Dragon until his retreat.